Tips for hosting your own Oktoberfest celebration

Not everyone has the luxury of travelling to Germany to be immersed in the massive cultural celebration that is Oktoberfest, so for those wanting to create an authentic German celebration we have compiled a list of the top tips for hosting your own.

Location is Key

There are many locations in Germany where Oktoberfest celebrations are held, although the ones that are held in an outdoor space/beer hall are ultimately the best. When choosing the location of your Oktoberfest party, make sure to take into account the amount of people you will be hosting and cater to that. Choosing a location where multiple tables can be placed next to each other to give it a festival feel

Beer, beer and beer.

The festival of beer must include one thing, beer. German beer is renowned for being one of the best in the world so the beer you provide has to be fantastic to truly encapsulate the Oktoberfest spirit. Beer is very easy to get access to so Google away to your hearts content and you’ll find loads of places you can stock up on alcohol.


Whenever you see photos of Oktoberfest, the traditional Bavarian blue and white always stand out as distinct colours. To give your Oktoberfest party an authentic feel, decorate your location with various blue and white tableware and decorations. Parties Online stocks plenty of Oktoberfest decorations including banners, beer cutouts, party tape, plates, cups and tablecovers.


The most important part of hosting an Oktoberfest party (besides the beer) is authenticity. Because you can’t be in Germany for Oktoberfest, Parties Online has a range of Oktoberfest costumes for both the guys and girls. Get your waiters to dress up in traditional Bavarian clothing to transform your Oktoberfest celebration


Besides socialising, there are multiple games for keeping your guests entertained at your party. Have a beer stein race where competitors race around a selected course (between tables usually) with a stein full of beer and the person who drops the least amount of alcohol wins. Be sure not to waste the good alcohol. A simpler game is to have a beer drinking contest to see who can drink a stein of beer the quickest.


The traditional music played at Oktoberfest celebrations can be found anywhere online from Youtube to Spotify. Make sure it is authentic German music and people will be more likely to get up and dance (once they have a few drinks in them)

Parties Online stocks all your Oktoberfest party supplies so contact us now to start planning your party.

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