Tips for Prepping Your Home before You Host a Party

image002If hosting that last party has overwhelmed you with all the things to do to get the house ready then you should have learned your lesson well! Now that it’s party time again, there’s no need for you to get embroiled in the same brouhaha because there are quick and easy ways to prepare the house even if the party is just an hour or two away. Just follow these tips and tricks to transform your home and create a lasting first impression upon your guests.

  • Tip #1: Look around through the eyes of your guests. Get into their shoes and walk through your home as if seeing it for the first time. From where are you coming from? Whether you’re using the front door or another entryway, this passage would take people to where the action is happening and it represents the entire atmosphere you want to achieve. Therefore, before you clean the bathroom, the entrance gets first priority because it is the first place that guests will see when they arrive. Make sure there are no clutter, such as dirty shoes, stacks of magazines, and children’s toys that can ruin whatever welcoming appeal you’ve put on the house.

Follow the flow that will lead your visitors to the party area. As you walk through, take special note of what people are prone to see. If the party is going to happen in a specific part of the house, like the garden or living room, seal off the other parts and don’t worry about how they look at all. Your guests will get the cue that these areas are off limits to outsiders thus they will not really intrude into your bedroom or library. However, you can use your extra time at the end to clean the rest of the house last.

  • image004Tip #2: Stash away all the clutter. This step is a bit haphazard but an efficient way to de-clutter quickly. After your walkthrough, go back to the whole process this time picking up all the junks along the way. Use a big bin to put the mails, utility bills, books, power cords, and all the items that don’t belong from every surface. You’ll notice that the house is starting to look better already. All the paths instantly appear spotless when in reality the clutters are just hiding in drawers or in the sealed rooms to be dealt with when the party is over. Putting things in a single container is a smart way of stashing them in one place and makes it easier to organize them later.
  • Tip #3: Perform no nonsense speed cleaning. With majority of clutter gone, you can easily assess that majority of the bare surfaces are what need to be cleaned. For the most part, you can use a dust rag to wipe away dust or dirt on every useable flat area. A few pieces of wet wipes can do to clean the kitchen counters and remove any grime without scrubbing laboriously. The same can be done for the guest bathroom, making sure to remove the ring in the toilet. Instead of switching on the bulb, use lovely clear glass hurricane lamp to cast ambient light.

Take a final walk through the entryway, this time with a broom to sweep the floors. If you have a carpet, run the vacuum over areas mostly walked on. All this cleaning can take as little as 30 minutes, or shorter if you call in the troops, such as family and friends to help around.

  • image005Tip #4: Present the house in a different light. Humans are no different from insects when it comes to being attracted to light. So turn on the lights on the front yard and porch to guide guests where you live. Hang gorgeous lanterns that match the party theme to draw your company to mingle where they can feel warm lights above. Use special lights to move people around without risks of falling down or bumping on things.

Continue the idea of lighting the entire space with candles and special lights. What party doesn’t use candle anyway, especially like yours when you need to hide what a 30-minute wipe down cannot completely clean away. Candles, tealights and luminere are the best things to add if you want to create drama, energy, and warmth to your event. Even if people have been to your house before, they will see it in an entirely different light and scent.

  • Tip #5: Appreciate your hard work. Goodness knows how much effort you’ve put through the last hour that you need to sit image008down and catch a breath. While you’re at it, play some music you’ve chosen for the party and feel the mood as you look around to admire the stunning result of your labor. If you’re using a theme get your party decorations and accessories from a one-stop online shop that offers everything, from insta theme scene setters to disposable catering supplies to make your bash a smash hit minus the shopping stress.

Before guests start arriving, you’ve become confident about a job well done. Now you can focus your attention to that beef roast wonderfully cooking in the kitchen. With everything in place, you even have plenty of time to freshen up and play as darling host for the night.

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