Try our new eco-friendly range of party supplies!

Spring has arrived and that means the birds are out and the flowers start to show their colours. What better time to show your support for eco-friendly products with Parties Online’s range of organic party supplies.

If you’re hosting any type of party in the near future, our natural party supplies are perfect for showing your support for the environment as well as creatively decorating your party. They are perfect for any party because they can be coloured and designed for any occasion. Get the kids to help you colour cups and plates, in green and red for Christmas or all different patterns for Easter. These basic eco friendly supplies are a perfect way for you to harness your creative side.4pk_Kraft_Loot_bags

While not only being eco-friendly, these products also look fantastic. The Natural Hessian Party Loot Bags are a unique and creative alternative the the nasty plastic lolly-bags that are usually used at kids parties. You can also use the Natural Kraft Bags as another alternative, they are perfect for letting the kids create their own lolly bags with a craft session.

If you’re cooking food at your party, we have a range of eco-friendly napkins and boat trays as well as natural palm leaf bowls and plates. These are great alternatives to the plastic plates and trays usually used at parties which are harmful to the environment.

Our eco-friendly range of party supplies is an opportunity to engage with your creative side and design the theme yourself. So grab the kids and start colouring in, we guarantee it will be a load of fun. For all your party needs contact Parties Online at 9970 7999

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