Unlocking the Keys to a Successful Primary School Aged Birthday Party

image001Gone are the days when it was enough to have a small cake and ice cream to celebrate a kid’s birthday. Today, call it commercialization as children discover there’s a plethora of ways to have a bash, which can oftentimes break the bank. This realization starts to form as early as primary age when one child has a birthday party and invites the whole class. From there each student and parents attempt to keep up with the trend until your turn to plan for your child’s birthday party has come. There’s no need to panic because even if you’re running short of funds you can still have a fantastic primary school party for your kid.

Get Your Child Involved

Advance planning and consulting with your child are keys to a successful party. Talk to your child and ask what kind of party he or she wants to have. Don’t undermine your child’s ideas because you may be pleasantly surprised at how fresh or innovative the inputs are. Your child may want a theme inspired either by a previous party or entirely by an original concept. Most young girls are inclined to favor a Disney princess, fairy, or Barbie-themed party while primary boys are most likely to insist for a cowboy, pirate, or superhero theme. Once you know what the child wants, you’re on your way to a good head start because having a theme to work on can help you build the finer details of the party.

Create a Guest List

image002After knowing the theme, the next thing to ask your child is who does he/she want to invite at the party. Oftentimes allowing your child the freedom to create a guest list becomes a sticky situation because it can mean the entire class, glee club, or junior scout troop is included. You may find that even a primary school party demands etiquette especially when it comes to distributing invitations. Keep in mind that invites are to be passed out to your child’s class thus every child must be invited. It is simply cruel to exclude one or two classmates and seeing them being taunted for being not invited at all. When you have the final number of guests, you can choose the right venue, plan the right amount of food and drinks, and prepare enough party favors.

Choose and Decorate a Childproof Venue

image004Nothing can be safer than your own home to hold the children’s party. However, as you think of all the mess and havoc primary kids can do to your carpet, furniture, and lawn, you may want to reserve a room at a local fast food chain, gym, local park, or even at the primary school where you can commission teachers to handle party activities. In fact, this last option may work well to your advantage as you’re entrusting the kids to familiar hands.

When it’s time to decorate the venue, choose the easy and smart path of getting your party accessories and decorations from a one-stop online shop with complete spectrum of party supplies, ranging from disposable catering needs to balloons and fancy dress costumes. Spare yourself from the dreadful idea of running around in circles to look for items that match your child’s preferred theme or color. Buying online is a breezy approach to find all the super new hot children’s themed party supplies, and allow your child to experience the magical world of their dream character and fantasy. For your sweet little girl, the range of choices includes Dora the Explorer, Under the Sea, and Tinkerbell, and for your hyper boy, it can be Jungle Safari, The Avengers, and Dinosaur party.

Plan the Activities

Primary children are full of energy and always in search for excitement. For that, you need to plan for continuous activities to prevent boredom to set in otherwise the children may look for fun elsewhere in the venue. A two-hour party is ideal time for everyone to enjoy so plan each activity within the period. Allot 15 minutes each to welcome and settle down guests, games, entertainment, crafts, and opening of gifts. Use the remaining time to feed the kids, and as their extra playtime with each other while waiting for their parents to pick them up. It is also important to have some alternative courses of activities to appease a crowd of excited kids wanting more party action. All through these, you may badly need extra hands to help you keep calm and sane.

Serve Cake and More

All children’s party is not complete without a cake. Although a cake is the main centerpiece, it is not particularly a favorite for some kids. You may need to offer some other forms of sweet treats, such as ice cream, cotton candy, jellybeans, chewy chocolate lollipops, and other sugary delights.

image007However, before you serve all these goodies, make sure your wee guests had their fill of the party food and drinks you especially prepared for them. A way to go down the breezy lane is to give each child a party noodle box that contains portion of everything on the buffet table: a butter soft roll, cheese or carrot sticks, cocktail frankfurts, and pizza pops. Add a matching napkin and party theme hat to jazz up the box. Pair the food with unlimited serving of your refreshing home lemonade or fruit punch in colorful party cups.

While you’re grateful birthday parties happen only annually, it still makes you doubly glad for this easy approach that you can use when you plan your child’s succeeding blowout until his coming of age.

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