When to Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Apart from the food and drinks, dance can be another reason why people enjoy and love to party. People like to shake their bodies because it is a good way to release the endorphins. This creates a feeling of euphoria making a dancer forget all the cares and worries of the world.

Dancing makes any party or event livelier and engaging. Hosting a dance party allows the imagination to work through countless themes. Depending on your finances, you can plan a shindig by putting all the party supplies and decorations you need in one place where everyone born to dance can truly enjoy. So put on your dancing shoes, get on the floor, and shake, shake, shake in any of these dancing party themes.

  • Big Band Swing Party: This party brings back the golden era when Louis Armstrong, Billy Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald were crooning their swing musicimage002 played by black bands. The most important element here is a spacious dance floor for partners to execute the many forms of swing dance such as Lindy Hop, jitterbug, and boogie-woogie perfectly. If you want to complete the impression, get a live band to play the rhythms. Otherwise, you can cut out silhouettes of tuxedoed musicians and position them alongside an Insta-theme Cruise Ship Deck Backdrop to transform the atmosphere into a party on a luxury voyage instantly. Fill the room with small round tables for all the Martinis and canapés you’ll be serving the guests to sustain their energy from all the dancing throughout the party.
  • 70s Stellar Disco Party: If you decide to capture the ‘70s party mood, start with the ceiling. A disco ball or mirror ball hanging above surrounds the venue image004with lots of flashing light and makes it a respectable disco floor with lots of funky fun. Anyone wishing to conquer the dance floor the way John Travolta did in the hit Saturday Night Fever can have the chance to show off his graceful choreography. Play groovy hits by the Bee Gees and Donna Summer as guests dance beside walls covered with fantastic scene setter rolls and add ons of Disco dancers. Add in pinup posters of ‘70s celebrity icons that will surely make even golden girls giggle like school teenagers.
  • The Eighties – Break Dancing Party: It makes sense to choose a venue withimage005 all the space that can accommodate all the wild moves of your break dancing guests. Break dancing or b-boying is a style of street dance with African-American and Puerto Rican origin. This dance craze blew up in the ‘80s and it continues to be a favorite among highly energetic dancers. A great way to create a neck-breaking party theme is to use Midnight Black Party Supplies to highlight graffiti posters on the wall. Anything neon like Metallic Curtains and Fringing can be hung to excite the b-boys and b-girls as they go crazy over the chanting of Afrika Bambaataa in the air.
  • Barn Dance Party: Bring together all the components of a country and western feel. A barn dance party is a party that combines everyone’s love not image007only for dancing but also for country, music, and polka. It is the perfect time to grab a partner to do Texas Two Step, or hook an arm to the next person near you for the line or square dancing. A hard, smooth surface is the ideal dance floor to have to survive lots of stomping and trudging during the dance sessions. Apart from the Cowboy – Wild West Decorations, other props required are straw bales, potted plants, and old woods – all considered fire hazards. It is important to request guests not to smoke in the area for safety. For your peace of mind, install smoke detectors and have portable fire extinguishers nearby. Let your guests enjoy those Southern-style dishes without being confused whether the smoky smell comes from the food or an actual inferno raging somewhere in the party venue.

Dancing is obviously pivotal in making these party themes successful. So, get all your music ready for as soon as sound floats in the air, there’s no stopping to all those feet itching to take the first dance step.

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