Winter in July: Party Inspirations to Steal

winter windowWinter parties have a closer atmosphere as they are mostly held indoors. You can beat away the winter blues by throwing a party. Your winter party can be as exciting as any summer parties. There are many ways of making a winter theme party lively, fun and entertaining.

Winter party items  

Have winter-themed items. These include a snowman cake, a snowman basketball, a hot chocolate station, and other winter wonderland decorations.

wine santaWinter drinks

These are to keep you hot. Some of the cocktails you can try out are:

  • Hot spicy cocoa – This is hot cocoa mixed in liqueur and dark chocolate.
  • Chamomile tea – Try this blend of tea, chamomile, cinnamon, and honey. The tingly spices will keep everyone warm and asking for more.
  • Spiked apple cider – Take some apple cider, add a dash of rum, ginger, clove, allspice berries, and some honey.
  • Pumpkin toddy – This is sugar pumpkin with brandy, orange bitters, cinnamon, and honey.
  • Smoky and spicy chocolate – This is hot chocolate with some whiskey, liqueur, brandy, and whipped cream

gingerbreadCookie party

Everyone loves a crunchy cookie. Have the whole house covered with nice aromas by organising a baking themed party. This will keep everyone warm and will prove to be a hit with everyone, especially the kids. Your guests can leave with a sackful of cookies at the end of the party.

The white party

While not every winter will be a white winter, all-white décor and costumes will make it look pure, just the way your guests would have envisioned a perfect snowy winter. Decorate with white cotton balls. Wrap gifts in white and have everyone wear white.

fireBook party

It is winter and a time to huddle around the fireplace telling stories and catching up. Why not have everyone put their brains to some exercise with a few reads. It does not have to be something deep or academic. A topic everyone can participate in, like history trivia or riddles, will be quite fine with the relaxed atmosphere.

TV Series binge party

Why curl up on the couch watching a marathon of TV series when you can watch it as a group? Invite your friends over for a binge of your favorite or chosen TV series. Turn it into a party by having some trivia about the series and a prediction competition of what will happen next in the series.

It is very much possible to have a winter party in July with the décor planning, the right crowd, and a generous serving of food and drinks.

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