Plan a Winter Wonderland-inspired Party for Adults

winter balloonRegardless of how cold it becomes, no one can deny that winter is a beautiful season. With most of the season spent indoors because of the harsh weather, a party is a good way to liven one’s spirit. If you can manage to bring the sparkle of the pure white snow and the almost artistic look of the lifeless trees inside a building, then you will have succeeded at warming up the winter. With a winter wonderland-inspired party, people do not have to wait for winter to experience the snow and cheer. How does one bring winter inside a party — a sweet sixteen birthday celebration, school event, holiday party, and most interestingly, adults-only parties? It takes a whole lot of preparation but the secret is in paying attention to the details. Wineglasspen


You have invited adults to come together in a place where children are not present. First of all, you cannot afford to be economical with the booze. There will obviously be those who, for one reason or the other, are not taking alcoholic drinks but they might be few. Provide a fair serving of tea, coffee, and fresh pressed fruit juice but go big on the liquor. If you have to spice it up, prepare punch. This ensures that your guests get to taste something out of the usual starsand the quantities you purchase go a long way.

Party invitations

Replicating the splendor of winter in the indoors is no small feat and you must make it clear to your guests that what you are planning for is grand. Everything about the invitation cards should be adult-themed. Use sensual colours and if you can, put the colour black to good use. By default, most adult parties are held at night or late evening. Select a venue where your guests will not only have room to dance, but also have group tables for eating and chatting as well as lounge benches for cuddling up and stretching. 20193-fireplace-scene-setterMake it known from the cards what activities are up on the agenda and be specific about the dress code. By all means, give them the freedom to be themselves.

Party Lighting 

With the right lighting set-up, a hall can be transformed into a snow filled party venue. To create the snow effect, hang a few strings of randomly blinking white lights just above the head level. The overhead lights should then be dimmed to very low, or you can also put out side lamps. Lighting determines the mood of a party. Too much and the pace is fast and held back; too dim and the party could easily end up in groupings. Just the right amount of lighting and the guests have the freedom to let themselves loose.

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