These jewel tone Diamond clear 3' round balloons filled with multi coloured metallic confetti will make a real impression at any event. These 3' balloons are the very best Qualatex latex balloons - the choice of professional Balloon artists worldwide!
These balloons can be filled with either helium or air and are very popular with the birthday, wedding & corporate event markets.
Pack includes: 1 helium quality diamond clear 3' round balloon with 50g of multi coloured metallic round confetti 3.5cm wide or 50g of multi coloured metallic stars 4cm wide. Supplied Flat. Please select your preference below.

Inflating Instructions:

Air Filled:
Inflate balloon with hand pump only, when balloon is inflated to desired size - taking care not to over inflate as balloons are fragile, rub the balloon with your hand to create static. Roll the balloon over with your hand and the confetti will stick to the sides, you may need to repeat the process a few times for your desired effect. The balloon can now be tied to a length of ribbon and hung. Please be aware of sharp objects as the balloon may pop.

Helium Filled:
Inflate balloon with helium available from your local party shop, chemist or florist taking care not to over inflate as balloons are fragile. Please inflate as close as possible to your event as latex balloons are porous and helium does leak out over time. We recommend no sooner than 3 hours before your event. It is always best to store your inflated balloon in a cool environment - please avoid temperature change extremes. The image of the balloon shown is of an air inflated balloon. Confetti will pool at the base of a helium filled balloon due to gravity taking its course.

These balloons always look fantastic with decorating features added. Rather than metallic or rayon ribbon try our tassel garlands. You can even use wide tear ribbons to make bows with ribbons cascading down. It is even possible to use heavy grade fishing line for the invisible look or a natural hessian ribbon for the natural look also found here on our website.
If using balloon weights to weight your 3' balloon we recommend at least 2 weights per balloon indoors and 3 weights per balloon outdoors.


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