Bring some of your own Ooh La La on Bastille Day

July seems to be a month for Independence celebrations and indeed Bastille Day or French Independence Day is on 14 July. Not surprisingly, this is a party that carries very much a food orientated theme as, after all, this is a nation that is famed for their love of food. Of course, decorations are important for your party so don’t forget to decorate you party with the Tricolour (the French flag). Here are our tips for getting the most out of your celebrations.

  1. Decorations

il_340x270.1235135334_8hvuFirstly, you need to get the ambience right for your party, put up plenty of flags, have some pictures associated with country such as the Eiffel Tower or famous people such as Napoleon or Marie Antoinette to get the atmosphere building. If you know your guests, French stereotypes are acceptable in certain situations!

  1. Croquembouche Cake

The French love their cake, and ‘let them have their cake’ should be at the forefront of your thoughts on Bastille Day. Croquembouche Cake has a real Parisian feel to it and can form the perfect centrepiece for your table.

  1. Champagne

Champagne is something else that is so closely associated with France so why not treat yourself and crack open a bottle to share with your guests?

  1. Macaron Cakeimages

Slightly playing on the theme of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, this is another kind of food that can be served to you guests and enjoyed whilst they sip their champagne. Just something else to show your guests that you have really given the party some thought.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Garlands

Hot air balloons are again closely associate with France so how apt would it be if you where to decorate your party with them? Inexpensive but will again add to the theme.

  1. French Flag Decorated Place Settings

As so much food will be on offer – we did warn you, then place settings will need to be arranged. Why not have placemats with the French flag on them or miniature Eiffel Towers with name cards resting on them.

  1. Mini Eclairs

Back to the food theme yet again but this time you could incorporate some cinematic references such as to The Grand Hotel Budapest?

  1. Selfies with Props

We all love a selfie these days so you could create an area with props that you could take selfies in. Think blue and white stripped shirts, berets, onions and, of course, garlic! We did say that stereotypes were OK if you knew your guests!

  1. Papier Rosettes

Returning to the cinematic theme, and the film Midnight in Paris, why not give your Bastille Day bash an old world aesthetic with paper rosettes influenced by the roaring ’20s. Now all you need is a chic flapper dress!

10. Champagne Tower

56819ea6190000190178ab45To round your evening off and really have your guests commenting on your party for years to come, why not building Champagne Tower and make things truly memorable. OK, it may be a little expensive so you could always use Prosecco instead.

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