How to hold the ultimate pyjama party

Pyjama parties aren’t just for children and with National Pyjama Day coming up on 21st July we thought we would take a look at ways you can hold the ultimate pyjama party for adults. Obviously, a major factor in any party of this nature is that it involves a sleepover. Invite all your friends around to your house or apartment, slip into your nightwear, open a few drinks and get yourselves settled for the night.

So what is needed for your pyjama party?

  1. Alcohol

5329c969697ab03a1a006349._w.540_s.fit_If you are holding a pyjama party for adults alcohol will be required although not compulsory for everyone to drink! Almost every party involves drink and this is going to be no different but make sure you have enough along with a selection of soft drinkers for the more sensible friends.

  1. Movies

Movies will inevitably form a party of your sleepover although it is fair to accept that no one will actually watch them. Movies can be streamed or rented so are easy to come by. If your party has a theme (see #4), you could base your film around this.

  1. Food

Parties again require food but don’t go over the top. Simple finger food is sufficient and it shouldn’t form the main focus of your evening. The food is just to keep the hunger pangs away and to keep some of your guests relatively sober. Chips and anything unhealthy that you try to avoid on your diet will probably be welcomed!

  1. Establish a Theme

Although again not essential, themes often help make a party more successful. Try a pick somethingthe-ultimate-slumber-partyfort-slumberparty-bacheloretteparty that will appeal to everyone. Consider your guests as some topics or themes may be off limits or make some of your friends feel uncomfortable. Remember you want to remain friends after the event!

  1. Games

Games and perhaps even drinking games can provide hours of entertainment. Again, remember some people may not wish to discuss or reveal somethings to everyone that they are in the company of so bear this in mind when you are deciding.

  1. Reminisce About The Past

Remembering your formative years can often bring back some very happy memories. The laughs that you had, the ex-boyfriends and the wild nights are all great topics. This often starts naturally so there’s no need to force the issue here.

  1. Sleep!

Finally, your pyjama party will start to draw to a close – often this will be around 1am or 2am so grab yourself a comfortable spot and relax. Those who have been drinking alcohol find this a little easier and these very same people may be eagerly seeking food and water in the morning so start the recovery!

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