Gear Up for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest season is upon us again! First marked to celebrate the nuptial of Princess Therese and Crown Prince Ludwig more than three centuries ago. Oktoberfest has grown to become a huge festival cherished across the

American Election Party Supplies

Tuesday 8th of November is the U.S presidential election day. From the 1st of February 2016 voters will be able to select presidential electors within their state who in turn will then run for president

Halloween makeup

Halloween Makeup from Mehron

Any ordinary outfit can become a gruesome guise with help from makeup, special effects and face or body paint. Halloween makeup and special effects can be the difference between a guy wearing a black hat and

Prepare Yourself For Halloween!

  Halloween is definitely the scariest but possible the funnest time of year. Something about ghosts, witches and demons roaming the streets seems to bring out the fun in us. Here at Parties Online we

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