Halloween Makeup from Mehron

Any ordinary outfit can become a gruesome guise with help from makeup, special effects and face or body paint. Halloween makeup and special effects can be the difference between a guy wearing a black hat and striped jumper, and a horrifying Freddy Krueger impersonation.  The same can be said for a person wearing tattered clothing, or a party-goer becoming a brain-slurping zombie.

Mehron brings professional-quality makeup, special effects and face paints to Halloween enthusiasts. Parties Online stocks a massive range of Mehron Halloween makeup products to make your costume extra terrifying.

Halloween makeupFake Blood

Fake blood is an easy way to add some spook to any costume. Choose coagulated blood for large wounds, or squirt blood gel over a costume for a more splattered effect. To curdle the blood of your friends, scare them with a blood capsule. Fill the capsule with non-toxic stage blood, and bite on the capsule when you’re ready to freak out your friend.

False FleshHalloween makeup

If your Halloween makeup needs a flesh-eating disease, or some skin flapping off your face, look no further than Mehron 3D clear gel. When the gel is liquified, apply to your face or body to create a prosthetic wound. The liquid will dry into a rubbery gel which has the appearance of flesh. Mehron’s Extra Flesh Wax Compound has a similar effect and looks realistic when applied and blended onto the skin.

Halloween makeupHalloween Makeup Kits

If you’re lacking a costume, Mehron’s makeup kits are an excellent source of inspiration. We stock kits for Halloween characters such as a witch, Frankenstein, skeleton or werewolf. If you have a costume in mind, but are lacking the Halloween makeup, Parties Online stocks the renowned Mehron Prisma Blendsets. The Blendsets have highly pigmented colours which are suitable for the face and body.

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