Horrifying Halloween Accessories

October is well and truly upon us, which means that you only have a few weeks to plan for the scariest day of the year, Halloween. There’s no need to panic or fear, Parties Online has all your last minute party favours and decorations to make October 31st the scariest night of them all.

pumpkinpinataEven if you aren’t going trick-or-treating on Halloween, you still have to have some lollies on hand to treat those little trick or treaters. Parties Online stocks a range of creepy lollies and party favours so that the you can fill up the goody bags of those that show up at your door. We have colourful skull candies that are perfect bag fillers, they come in a range of colours including black, blue, brown and red. To keep the theme of scary party fillers, we also stock black dangling bats, finger puppets (monsters and halloween range), light out bouncy eyeballs and plenty of wind up novelty characters. If you’re hosting your own Halloween party we have a range of piñatas that you can fill with our party favours. Our piñata designs range from black cats, pumpkins, vampire coffins and witches.

N15152If you’re going out trick-or-treating yourself, we stock a range of cauldrons and other bags that will be perfect to hold all your lollies and party favours. Cauldrons are the perfect accessories for any scary creature or mythological beast on their trick or treat adventure, so grab one soon before they go out of stock! If the cauldrons will colour clash with your outfits, we also stock bright orange,  pumpkin head bags or skull head bags that will truly add to your costume. If you’re looking to add a bit more to your costume,  we also have a range of skull or pumpkin head flashing torches!

No matter what your outfit is, Parties Online stocks all your Halloween accessories for your night of trick or treating so get in quick before it’s too late!


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