How to create your own Winter Wonderland

OK, temperatures in Australia may not get down to those in Europe or other parts of the world but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to create a Winter Wonderland of our own. Think of the film Frozen and you won’t be too far away from what we are looking to create. Snow and frost are the order of the day so here are our tips on how to create one of your own.

  1. Think Glass

Snow_Globe-0bf2b46aGlass can give the illusion of being ice, especially if you make a little effort to make it look that way! Glass easily reflects light and can given an icicle effect – only without having to clear up puddles afterwards. Glass decorations and stemware reflect light from a candle beautifully so make sure you have plenty on display.

  1. Wintery Scenes

Get creative here, think about your favourite winter or Christmas films and try to recreate the images. Think of Home Alone and other movies that depict the time of year at its snowy best. Fake snow can be put onto the windows for extra effect and don’t forget snow covered twigs (cotton wool works here) and lit wreaths.

  1. Santa’s Grotto

OK, the sleigh may be a little too much but you can also put up a few images of reindeer around the 492d14e4fb71088fc44d0d48fb2a5c48--holiday--outdoor-decorhome. This will create a little festive cheer as well as meaning that you have the perfect winter wonderland. You can let your imagination run wild so think of snowy woodland scenes and get the tealights out. You can often get holders that depict snowy, Christmassy or winter wonderland images to help enhance the atmosphere.

  1. Flowers

Flowers and snowdrops in particular are often what we think of when it comes to wintery scenes. These might be hard to come by but you can always get some tableware with these images displayed on them. Again, let your imagination get the better of you! Don’t worry, with a winter wonderland you can never have too many shimmering items so baubles could be used for added effect.

  1. Decorate your tree

You can use your Christmas tree for this but instead of going for the usual decorations you could make it look like that it has just been brought in from outside and is covered in snow. Think of ‘Jack Frost’ and this will help you winter wonderland spring into life!

  1. Clear, dark winter’s nights

115791-winter-wonderland-background-2304x1296-for-pcOften when we think of a winter wonderland we think of Scandinavia. There you can envisage crystal clear nights where only the stars and the moon bring light. You could consider making some stars and hang them from the ceiling or have a strategically placed lamp that could be your moon. Fairy lights also work well for stars and will quickly set the scene.

  1. Stimulate all your senses

A winter wonderland isn’t just what you can see, it is what you can hear and how you feel. Tempt all your senses with maybe a poem written on a cushion, light music playing in the background or anything else that makes you think of the perfect winter’s day.

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