From Zero to Hero: Host the Ultimate Superhero Themed Party

There’s no doubt you’ll be the hero of the day when you put together a Justice League or Avengers superhero party. Whether it’s for a children’s or adults’ party, or whether it’s a birthday or a Christmas party, there’s no way you’re going to get wrong with this one as long as you have the right props.

a511354A Call To Assemble

Call all your friends to assemble and defend Earth by sending them out your party invites showing either a Justice League or Avengers logo. Insert something like a sticker tattoo or wristband that they could wear as their VIP party pass. Include in the details of the invite that everyone should come in full costume and ready for battle. If someone comes not wearing his battle suit, make sure you have a spare costume (or props like a mask or cape) prepared for that person. You don’t want anyone to be left out in the fight. Saving the world is all about teamwork after all!

a52122-cityscape-backdropSet Up The Headquarters

It shouldn’t take long to transform your venue into a Shield or Justice League headquarters. But first, you need to decide whether you’ll go comicy (with all the bright colours and the zap-pow-bam! talking bubbles) or more movie-ish (darker and more serious). If you’re going to ask me, I’ll go for the former since it’s more fun and allows you more opportunity to play with colours and props. It also gives you the permission to turn your fridge box into a telephone booth slash superhero changing station. And don’t forget to set up a superhero scene center that makes an excellent group or selfie backdrop. You can buy a ready-made tarp for the backdrop, or you can come up with your own using a blue blanket hung on the wall and old boxes painted to look like tall buildings in the foreground.

u26350Danger Room!

Everybody wants to have the chance to defend their home planet, but before they can do that, they first need to test their skills in the Danger Room. There, Spiderman can test his web shooting skills with a party silly string spray. Wonder Woman can also test her hula hoop lasso on some evil minions made of life-sized balloons.

supermanloot8It’s Clobbering Time!

For the real thing, how about a Superman Treasure Hunt in a kiddie pool? Our heroes will also enjoy a game of Superhero Dash. In this game, you need to hang pictures of superheroes in each corner of the room and then play a superhero theme song as the background music. Once the music stops, participants should dash to the right corner with the character that matches the theme song. Super Villain Knockdown would also be fun. Assign someone to act the part and give him a bag of treats that he has to “shoot” at our superheroes every time they hit him with a water balloon.

blue-glitz-cupcake-stand-boyA Superhero’s Reward

If you’re throwing a children’s superhero party, don’t forget to set up a corner for your adult guests where they could enjoy some cocktail drinks. On second thought, I’d only recommend this for an all-adult party. And make sure your guests always remember what our friendly neighbourhood used to say, “With great wine comes great responsibility!” Now, before our superheroes could go home, there’s one last mission they must do for the universe to be totally out of danger – feast on the superhero cake!

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