The Santa Claus House: Relive Childhood Fantasy Right Through your Home with Santa Decors

20016-jointed-santaEverybody loves Santa. And who wouldn’t? He’s a nostalgic reminder of one’s childhood, an aide-mémoire that the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. Whether you believe that Santa Claus is real or not, you can’t deny the fact that his presence, even just in the form of decorations, creates a spirit and atmosphere like no other. It’s a good thing you can always relive those festive feelings of Christmas during your childhood in your own home today.

Santa Wreath

Greet your guests this season with a stunning holiday wreath featuring the legendary Santa himself. If you can’t find a ready-made version, you can always make your own. Simply take an evergreen wreath (it doesn’t matter if it’s new or has been in your Christmas decor storage box for a long time) and glue some bright glass ornaments onto it; the assortment of colours will add life to the wreath. Don’t forget to adorn it with a large red ribbon. Finish it off by adding a Saint Nick stuffed toy or doll, then display for the world to see!


Christmas lanterns are an adorable addition to any home during the Yuletide season. You can purchase a typical ornamental lantern and adorn it with ribbons and pine cones, but what will definitely get the attention of your guests is one that lets you recreate a winter scene. This will work if you can find a lantern that actually opens. You can then add miniature pieces inside such as a Christmas tree, a light pole, and Santa himself! Oh, and don’t forget the snow!

Santa Ribbons

Dressing up your home with ribbons is a great way to decorate your home without taking up additional space. It’s totally up to you which furniture piece you’d want to give a makeover, but you can rest assured that a nice Santa ribbon can make a huge difference. You can adorn the chairs around the dining table, in particular, with large ribbons. You can even hang a small wreath to go with the design. It’s not as difficult as it seems and it’s going to give your home interior a nice revamped look.

x20194-santa-window-propSanta Runway

The Santa Runway is perfect if you have a spacious front yard. By lighting up some lanterns or outdoor votive candles, you can come up with your own runway where Santa and his reindeer could land. Make sure you consider this idea if you don’t want old Saint Nick to miss your house! Ho, ho, ho!

Santa’s Reindeer

Speaking of reindeer, Christmas isn’t complete with Santa’s trusted means of transportation. Nope, you won’t have to make a life-size model, although that would be great if you had the time and money. A nice idea would be to hang a large cutout on a blank wall in your living room. Alternatively, you can display a store-bought Santa magic sleigh figure on top of your fireplace shelf.

22031-christmas-stocking-cutoutsSanta Stockings

Finally, make sure you hang all those stockings for Santa to fill when it’s time for him to drop by. You can hang them over the fireplace or as an extra adornment to the Christmas tree. It will surely add excitement for the entire family, even for the pets!



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