Throw an Outrageously Adorable Little Pony Party

So, you want to host “My Little Pony Party” for your little one and her friends? Have no fear. We’re going to share with you some ideas to make one of your biggest tasks a success.

a26467-dashEye-Catching Invitation

The idea is for your guests to see the invitation as soon as they open their mailbox and be so excited that they RSVP to your party right away. Invites are what set the stage for any party so make sure you get this one right. And keep it mind that the characters won’t have to be all over the place. Keep it simple and straight to the point, with one of the characters to represent the theme, like a silhouette of Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle, for instance. You can always go with the traditional birthday card invite, but if you want to be unique, try something like a balloon invitation. Print the details of the party to a piece of balloon and place it inside a small box filled with colourful confetti. It’s engaging and interactive, and will surely excite your guests so much they’ll call you immediately to confirm their attendance.

a675513Colour-Filled Decors

Don’t limit yourself to one specific shade. Instead, put together a colour palette for your base. For this one, go for all of the colours you’ll find in a rainbow. Now, there’s no better way to showcase all those shades than with balloons! Fill the ceiling with different colours of balloons, and add rainbow tassel garland to the string to give them extra texture and colour. And don’t forget to have your girl’s name in lights! If you have extra time in your hands, have it hanging as a sign at the backdrop of the party table and light it up with marquee lights.

55401-pink-glitz-cupcake-standTasty Treats

For the most-awaited part of the event, the table should be beautifully set for the friends to enjoy. You want to have a fab party table where the kids could sit and snack on tasty treats or work on crafts and just have their fun conversations. Start off by adding a magenta tablecloth (better if you have the My Little Pony tablecloth) and scatter pieces of colourful confetti over it across the table. Add some rainbow paper plates paired with My Little Pony-themed party napkins. You can also place some rainbow centerpieces, but make sure you stick to one solid colour such as pink or purple. We won’t go into details for the treats. Just create some fun desserts and drinks around your theme. Just add a touch of rainbow to the cake, cupcakes, lollies, or rice crispies, and you’ll have something the kids will enjoy throughout the party.

rainbow - pinataMMy Little Pony Fun Activities

A makeover activity should be in place if you’re dealing with tweens. You may have to hire your local party spa for this one, though. And what girl party is complete without some arts and crafts? A cool idea would be to set up a corner where the girls could design their own party skirt.

If the party’s for younger kids, piñatas and pin the pony tail will surely be a hit. Those two classic party games never ceases to add fun, laughter and excitement to kids. Little kids will also be thrilled bringing home loot bags with party favours, lollies and other sweet treats.

N7812Pony Party Photos

You don’t have to hire a professional photographer to take some amazing moments of the party. Everyone has a phone with a camera nowadays. Simply hang a piece of fabric decorated with a few party pieces and balloons in one corner of the venue and ask the guests to pose there for selfies or group pictures.

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