How to Plan a Memorable Christmas Party the Aussie Way

xa670203We all love having some good time — maybe throwing an insane party, celebrating, sharing the joy and making merry. The glamour isn’t actually hosting your joyous entourage, but rather ensuring that everything goes as planned and everyone having some good time. Planning a Christmas party in Australia isn’t a big issue if you have done it before, but it can be exciting and adventurous if it is your first time.

To make it a success, you need to relax, plan and ensure everything is done as scheduled during the day of partying. Since it is about that Christmas season again, why don’t you start your own preparations ahead of the crazy period?

Your Ultimate Early Bird for Christmas Party Planning Guideline

Would you like to break the rules and go gaga during this year’s Christmas season?

x20213-chrismas-indoor-propsGet the right stuff weeks before Christmas period

Christmas accessories like fancy dresses, Santa and reindeer, banners, party decor and other stuff, tend to be scarce and thus more expensive towards the 25th of December. And so, one of the most essential steps of planning a party that won’t suck up your wallet is to buy them ahead of time. If buying Christmas party supplies online is your thing, please check out Parties Online.

You don’t really need to hire a professional event planner

A trusted events planner will obviously add some experience and help ease everything. But if you are expecting to host several groups of friends, nothing can be too hard to handle. You will just set the date and notify them since diaries fill up fast, know how much you are willing to spend and eventually identify where to get the right supplies from. Again, hanging those decorations and how to set up the entire area can be done by some of your friends.

xA670232-North-Pole-Christmas-Scene-SetterKnow the type of Christmas party you will be hosting

There’s an endless variety when it comes to organizing a memorable Christmas party, and it all depends on how you would like it to be. It could be a daytime get-together, an event bash or even something that go on till morning.

A vintage, quintessentially English, Winter WonderlandWild West, Ballroom, or Santa’s workshop Christmas party in Australia can last a lifetime in your mind. Also, do specify if it will be an all-family or adults only, ladies-only, etc.

Set the date and choose the Venue

It shouldn’t be on 25th per se – decide a day that’s convenient for everyone: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday perhaps. For convenience, choose somewhere that aligns with the purpose of the event. A family event can be done at your home, at a family-friendly park or even in charming riverside space. Private venues can be ideal for adults-only and can happen at dusk. More importantly, let everyone invited know the date and time when the party starts while sending out those invites!

x26967_largeTheme and Decorations

Naturally, you will need to decorate your party with themed colours – Red and White, and sparkly decor. You will also need a Christmas tree, candles, lights, and other holiday theme colours. If it is a themed party, embellish accordingly.  The web has a lot of Christmas decorations ideas, and you can buy some from such reputable online stores delivering Australia-wide.

On matters of  food and drinks

Delicious foods and beverages are what will also make-or-break your Christmas party. Again, your choice of delicacy will depend on whom to host for. A Christmas cocktail party suits adults while something that involves a long lunch, decadent dinner, and healthy, sharing-style menu can be ideal too.


Party planners often include a DJ or a band to keep everyone on their feet during the party. But you can just find a selection of your favorite hits, Hi-Fi music instruments and you get the bash cracking. For disco lights, sound equipment and other assortment, you can even hire or buy them online, too.


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