Bizarre Office Christmas Party Ideas

peterpansantashelperscostumeOffice Christmas parties offer some of the quirkiest yet most meaningful nights during the holiday season. It’s also one of the anticipated event of the year when you and your colleagues would hang out and enjoy the festive season without having to think about the daily stress and pressure from work. If you’re wondering what theme to have for this year’s Christmas party that’s outside the usual, you’re at the right page, here’s a few interesting and peculiar party ideas we have in mind.

Christmas Comedy Club

Instead of the usual ‘club night out’ that not everybody actually enjoys, why not head to a comedy club so that everyone can have a good laugh? Of course, it’s not your usual office party since you’ll have to share the entire place with strangers unless you’re renting the entire place exclusively. What makes this idea work is that it can be family friendly, depending on the club you choose. Laughter is also an excellent icebreaker, and if you’re lucky, you might see your boss smile for the first time. What’s more, most comedy clubs offer a wide range of food and drinks, so you won’t have to worry about that anymore. 

72074Nightmare At The Office

The holiday affairs don’t have to be all wreaths and ribbons. Why not have a Tim Burton evening at the office instead? Ask everyone to arrive in their best Halloween costumes and makeup. In decorating the place, you can have your usual Christmas decors, but now with a touch of spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, and Jack Skellington heads. I don’t think there’s going to be a more bizarre Christmas Party than this one!

Pet Party!

Cats and dogs like to dress up and party for Christmas, too! Instead of the usual, why not throw a party for your favourite pets in their charming outfits? Of course, you wouldn’t want to mix cats and dogs in one gathering unless you’re sure that you’re able to control the whole situation. But just imagine a gathering of adorable furry animals dressed in Christmas hats! Everyone’s invited to bring their pets, and they don’t even have to be hairy. Whether they’re fish or reptile, they’re all welcome for sure!

LU082(52)PinkWacky Tacky

You probably have large annual events where everybody gets to dress up in their best like it’s the Oscars. This time, why not host a party where the peeps could come in their wackiest and tackiest attire? There are different versions of this, too, with “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” being one of the most popular where everybody gets to arrive wearing geeky sweaters or ones awkwardly adorned with Christmas lights or ribbons. If someone shows up not wearing the required attire, he will be given one of the spare you have, plus a couple of embarrassing props like a pair of reindeer ears or an outrageously ugly sash.

Trash or Treasure

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Instead of buying brand new items for your gifts exchange, ask everybody to come with one of their not-so-favourite gift they’ve received from last year’s Christmas. Make sure the gifts are all wrapped, and then you can all play your own version of Secret Santa or White Elephant. The gifts exchange portion of your program is definitely going to be most-awaited, no doubt!  And to complete the theme, don’t buy new decors for the place, but ask everyone to bring old decors at home that they can share for adorning the venue.

naughtyprincipalcostumeKinky and Naughty Slumber Party

If you happen to be a department dominated by an all girls team, why not throw a night of kinky fun? You can have a slumber party with a dose of naughtiness. It’ll definitely leave you and your female colleagues bursting with laughter all night long. Beer served on willie glasses, anyone? How about pecker shaped candiescock ring pops, jelly willies and jelly boobies for snacks? Play silly games like hoopla ring toss or pink the junk. As token of the night’s party, each one can bring home a pecker wine stopper. There’s still tons of crazy, bizarre ideas you can add. Be creatively wild and you’ll surely have a memorable Christmas party with your colleagues.

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