Working Hard for a Corporate Christmas Party

The last four months of the year, all ending in ‘ber’, signal the coming of the Christmas season. For most companies, it is a reminder to start planning for an office Christmas party. Oftentimes, a smart option is to leave everything to professional hands to spare everyone from all the worries and stress of planning the festive event. A good way to start is by visiting for some ideas on how to whip up an awesome party.

Choosing a Christmas Party Theme

Christmas is a busy time for managing different events that can be more appealing image001than a corporate Christmas party is. Still, you want 100 percent attendance from employees who are longing for a long holiday break. It may be difficult to entice them to come especially if the yearly party has become a boring tradition, so much so that they would party somewhere else instead. Therefore, the first thing to do is to think how to make the party exciting and irresistibly inviting.

Try something little different to end a productive year with a bang by coming up with a selection of corporate Christmas party themes that best reflect how much the company appreciates its employees. The theme you’ll choose will dictate the choice of venue, decorations, food, music and games, and the costumes. There’s no limit to all possibilities ranging from a Winter Wonderland party to Royal-Medieval party, Casino, Las Vegas party and Cowboy, Country & Western party, and many more.

Finding an Appropriate Venue

image003One good rule to follow in hosting a company Christmas party is not to hold it in the premises. Employees have been getting in and out of the office for the last 365 days so don’t make the party day another ordinary calendar day to step in that familiar environment. There are many places to have a company Christmas party. Nevertheless, the volume of attendance, budget, accessibility, and facilities offered in the prospective party location often influences the choice of the best one. Depending on these factors, the committee assigned may start conducting site inspections and make reservations as soon as an ideal place is found because most venues such as hotels, restaurants, and gymnasiums get booked as early as October.

Catering the Food Party

How much food to prepare depends on the number of people expected to attend, and the length of the event. This highlights the importance of finalizing the guest list by keeping track of RSVPs. A cocktail party requires lesser food than a lunch or dinner party does. An all-day-event obviously requires more food since people stay longer and they tend to be hungry or thirsty throughout the day. So make sure to iron out all details with the company that will take care of the Christmas party catering.

It is always safe to allot extra food to avoid running out of supply in the end. Some attendees tend to eat certain popular foods, so offer them in smaller portions to allow more people to partake. The array of food must also consider the guests’ dietary requirements. Vegetarians love to party, too; thus, it is essential to include vegetarian party foods so that no one goes home hungry. Then there’s the question if it’s appropriate to serve alcohol during the party. If the idea makes you anxious, then don’t. While everyone wants to have a good time, guests can feel image006happy and safe in an alcohol-free party, too.

The food and beverages to be served must reflect the theme of the party. If it is Hawaiian Luau party for this year, fill the buffet table with popular Luau recipes festooned with Hawaiian drink and food accessories, and paper garlands of pineapples, palm trees, and other colorful flowers to enhance the party theme.

Entertaining the Crowd

Regardless of what theme is chosen for the event, a set of well-planned corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas can turn the gathering into a fun-filled office affair. A personal choice does not often work with most people, so get the opinion of others to come up with a consensus of what type of entertainment to bring in. However, you can always get help from a local talent agency. This option certainly cuts the party budget, but you can be sure that the right entertainers are assembled at your corporate Christmas party.

Saving all the Formalities

When making speeches and presentations, it is more appropriate to keep them short and sweet. Save all the long anecdotes and boring narrations for next year’s awarding ceremonies. If there’s a need to call on some people to deliver a message, make them understand that a few words will be sufficient. You may also prepare cue cards to help the speakers remember some names. Keep in mind that it’s a party, not a campaign rally, so keep everything running in tight order.

A corporate Christmas party is an opportunity to let employees know they are appreciated for all the hard work during the year, and to celebrate company achievements. It may not have been that good, so it is even more needed to shake off negativism with a year-end celebration. It’s time for both management and staff to let their hair down and have fun.

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