A Football Finals Party for AFL Fans

There are always good reasons to throw a party, including TV events. In fact,Fans watch the rugby hosting a viewing party is becoming a popular excuse to gather family and friends to enjoy spectacular TV shows such as season premiers, beauty pageants, and major sporting events such as the Australian Football League (AFL) Finals.

A party for AFL Finals is a great way to simulate a front seat at the stadium. Since the much-awaited Australian sporting event is celebrated in the month of September, you need to tailor the planning details to coincide with the spectacle and make the most out of it.

Choosing Who to Invite

Pick the most avid AFL fans among your friends, and add in other pals to cheer patriotically for your team. Highlight the start time so that your guests can come well before the game begins. This allows them to have some bites, chat with friends, and settle down comfortably for the big event.

Feeding a Bunch of Hungry Players

image004You may decide to ask your friends to bring in a dish for a potluck eating session, naming each dish after their favorite team or players. For your part, search the Internet for various football party recipes to satisfy your guests. Place a label on each food and spread out the food platters in buffet style to allow the guests to enjoy the different foods.  A potluck-buffet style party saves you from lots of hassles in preparing food and serving the guests individually.

Bringing out the Creativity in You

Even a sporting event can bring out all your creative juices. While you may have your original ideas, you can explore party online resources such as https://www.partiesonline.com.au/blog/ to supplement the conceptual theme of your party. Put them together and you get a double whammy of fun not only from watching the games but also from the ambiance of the sport-lovers’ soiree.

  • Set up a photo station at the entrance. Prior to the party, download party booth apps so you can take a snap shot of your friends in patriotic or sporty frames.
  • Announce the arrival of the first five top luminaries. Prepare multi-colored flaglets or banners with pictures of players participating in the games. Let your guests pick the banner representing their favorite player. As soon as they enter the party venue, let someone mimic AFL commentator Gerard Healy in announcing that your guest player has just arrived for the games.
  • Play some sports-related music to rev up the celebration. Mix patriotic sounds with songs commonly played at sporting events. Everyone becomes buoyed up upon hearing popular sports anthems.
  • Ask guests to wear anything AFL. Spoof an awarding ceremony to distribute mock trophies for guests wearing the most creative, stylish, outrageous, and complete AFL outfit. Shoot those portable confetti cannons for total celebratory effect.
  • Hold a trivia contest about AFL facts. Research on AFL and prepare several questions to test the knowledge of your friends about Australia’s favorite sport. Divide your friends into groups. The one with the highest score wins AFL tokens and collectibles.
  • Consider having a poll with friendly bets on the game’s outcome. The winners take home their loots of football party favors.

A viewing party is so unlike other parties that require elaborate preparation. As long as your guests feel comfortable on their seat while watching the games, you can root for your own team and enjoy the game, as well as the success of your party.

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