Planning a Birthday Celebration for a Hyperactive Boy

Raising girls is different from bringing up boys. But, when it comes to celebratingimage002 your child’s birthday, a party would just be a perfect treat for either of them. So when your little imp of a boy turns a year older, there’s no better way to channel all his energies into something he will remember well beyond his adult years than to throw a themed party for him.

You can’t go wrong planning a party with a theme centered on what lends appeal to your super energetic tyke. By some stroke of sheer genius, you can take the birthday party into another level of fun starting from the invitations to food, costume, and games without having to spend your child’s college funds in order to pull off the celebration. Anything loud, and of course, anything that requires climbing here and there, will be allowed only for a day just to see that indescribable picture of delight painted all over your child’s dirtied face.

Great Birthday Themes for Boys

  • Superhero Theme: Where else can you find Superman, Spiderman, Batman,image004 Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and all other superheroes converge in one place to save the world? Make your child’s dream come true by completing the Avengers party supplies and be sure to have all the crime-busting characters in attendance. Design the birthday invitation from blasé to blamo (“awesome” in superhero lingo) requesting the guests to come wearing the colorful cape and mask of their favourite superhero. Lots of boys’ fancy dress costumes and party supplies that match a superhero theme party are not difficult to find.
  • Jungle Safari Theme: There’s no need to bring your son and his friends to Africa to make this party theme come to life. The kids can tread on the wild side of nature by bringing in jungle safari party supplies to mimic any of the top 10 African safari destinations in your living room or in the backyard. On the invitation, indicate that the guests must be dressed in an explorer’s outfit or come in their favourite animal prints. You can hire a professional artist or ask older kids to use face paint in transforming the young children into little zebras and lions. For a more realistic ambiance, play some jungle noises in the background as the kids hunt their games guised in stuffed animals hiding behind the foliage in your garden.
  • Pirate Theme: Mark the day with a red X to indicate it’s a red-colored day for image006your son. Hang the buntings, flags, garlands and more pirate-Peter Pan party supplies to decorate the Treasure Island in your yard. Hide wooden chest cut outs filled with treasures of gold chocolate coins and toys boys of all ages would love to take home. See how the kids grope around with eye patches and impersonate the ruthless Captain Jack Sparrow. Let the party kick off with some lootings and see who’s going to walk on the plank.
  • Mini-Olympics Theme: Bring out your kid’s love for sports in this action-filled birthday theme. Whether its football, bowling, or basketball he likes, save yourself all the hassles of managing a bunch of kids who’d be throwing balls in all directions. Transform your yard or a local park into an Olympic village and set up new records in kids’ division as your child and his friends dabble with all the Olympic themed party supplies you can get. Factor in safety by making sure there is a lifeguard or umpire nearby to assure parents their kids are in good hands while having fun. Even basic games such as tag and relay race can be tiring so make sure to prepare enough food and refreshment. Get your ticket early for you may miss the front seat in your son’s Olympic minor league.
  • Dinosaur Theme: Listen to the growls and roars as your child and his friends roam back in time to the Dinosaur era. With enough planning and creativity, you can throw a dinosaur theme birthday party that young boys will surely love when they see all the dinosaur party supplies and decorations in your front yard Jurassic Park. And, surely they’ll have a feast munching on the dinosaur-shaped cookies and other treats. Fill the sandbox to the brim and bury small toys for the kids to dig in their archaeological loots. Play a trivia game to test how sharp the kids are about dinosaurs. Reward the winners with any fossil-shaped goodies.

Planning and choosing a theme for your son’s birthday can be challenging. Your child may be growing faster than you realize that you need to pick out something he will not outgrow by the time he turns a year older. It helps to get some ideas from him no matter what his age is. You’ll be surprised to know that your little boy is somewhat mature for his age.

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