Australia Day – A Time to Reflect and a Time to Party

AUSSIE FLAG LANTERN WITH LIGHAustralians eagerly wait for January 26, as it is a special public holiday where everyone gets a day off from school and work. This commemorates the day when Captain Arthur Philip arrived on Port Jackson (or what is now known as Sydney Harbor) with the First Fleet of 11 ships from Great Britain in 1788. This event came to be known as Australia Day.

Barbeques Galore

Modern-day Australians usually celebrate Australia Day by hosting barbeque parties in their homes. However, when planning your own Australia Day barbeque, it’s best to list down the names of people youAUSTRALIAN FLAG TOOTH PICKS would be inviting over to make sure you have enough food and drinks to serve.

Planning the party shouldn’t be difficult as plenty of online shops in Australia offer a wide range of Australia Day party products. You can set the tone of your party off by putting an Aussie BBQ lawn sign in front of your house. Guests and even passersby would definitely have an idea what’s going on inside your home. You can amp up the patriotic ambience in your home by hanging Aussie flag lanterns. Since you’re practically celebrating the founding of your beloved country, hang Australia’s national flag proudly in front of your house.

Barbeque parties are always easy to plan. You can handle the food and drink preps by yourself or ask guests to bring in a dish or two. If you do plan to host a potluck barbeque party, make sure the guests coordinate AUSSIE INFLATABLE TABLE TOP DRINKS COOLERwith each other to avoid duplicate dishes. Moreover, make sure there’s food for the young guests, as kids are known to be picky eaters. Spice up the dishes with food accents like Australian flag tooth picks that reflect the theme of the party. For easier after-party cleanup, use disposable table ware. Keep drinks cool by placing them in an Aussie inflatable table top drinks cooler.

With proper planning and a little help from Party Supplies Online, celebrating Australia Day with your friends and love ones would be a breeze.

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