Best Places to Celebrate New Year Around the Globe

New Year is a special celebration across the globe. Different places have different ways in celebrating this season. Another great thing about New year is that it is not simultaneous, thus you get to see New Year ahead in some places and later in some.

newyear4With all the festive lights and the bright colours decorating the streets and homes this merry season, where do you plan to celebrate New Year this 2017? If you are quite tired of seeing the same places for New Year, you might want to consider being in a different place this year for the celebrations.

Here are the best places where you can celebrate New Year this coming 2017.


London is a very special place to witness the change of year. It is mostly lit up with so many colours and lights from the establishments located at the capital. It also features a New Year’s Day parade with thousands of performers from across the globe. There are thousands of bands, cheerleaders, clowns, and acrobats that will surely entertain you as you enjoy the merrymaking innewyear5 this city.

Hong Kong

If your budget does not permit you to go to New York for New Year, you might want to consider visiting Asia instead. Hong Kong has been annually featuring a big glittering ball descending for New Year’s Eve, something similar to what is featured in Times Square every New Year’s Eve. There are also a lot of parties, fireworks, and generous helping of food and drinks.


newyear6Russia is also one of the best places to welcome the New Year. The climate reminds us of the holidays and establishments and homes are decorated charmingly with colourful balloons and accessories, reminding us of the season spirit. In St. Petersburg, folks gather up to admire fireworks featured above the Neva River. Also, hundreds of paper lanterns are light up and sent into the night sky during New Year’s Eve.


Visiting Reykjavik is also one of the best places to experience a different kind of New Year this 2017. You can enjoy a dip in the hot springs and simply relax and enjoy the different view these place offers.

Rio De Janeiro

Rio is best known for its Carnival festivities. If you love parties and enjoy blending in a crowd, this is the place you need to be when the year ends. The beach is quite full with locals and tourist during this season to experience the party and the fun that comes with the holidays. Dance performances, live music, and a lot of fireworks are some of the things to see and witness.


Sydney is one of the famous places when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations. It features the largest fireworks in the world at the iconic Sydney Harbour Village and the Sydney Opera House which makes it very striking. An Aboriginal smoking ceremony is also set up on the Harbour of Light Parade with 50 illuminated boats featured in the harbor area.

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