How to have a fun-filled and stress-free party

Having a party means you should have lots of fun and a stress free party day or party night.The best answer to lighten the work load is to use quality disposable party products such colourful plastic party plates, cups, cutlery and disposable glasses to save all that work washing up and making your party look sensational by colour co-ordinating your party ware.

Save money

For instance if you have chosen a Disco party or 60’s party, you can use some of the themed party range and then add the colours of the era in other party products such as orange plates, lime napkins and hot pink magenta table covers to create an eye catching party room that is lots of fun but does not cost the earth.


Themeing actually makes your party easier. By choosing a theme you can use decorations to enhance the party atmosphere such as Hollywood, Denim and Diamonds, Heaven and Hell or even a party starting with the first letter of your name such as a P party or D party. Fancy dress is also one of the most effective party tools to ensure your party is a blast. It can be a full costume or something as simple as a mad hatters party and can create some hilarious and unforgettable times seeing what everyone has worn to the party.

Early Preparation

Choose foods that can be prepared a couple days before, or even cooked and frozen then just re- heated on your party day.


Make a list of things that must be done and If you do your planning in an organised way and tick off each job done in time sequence the stress will be reduced.

Be realistic

Make sure you are not over extending yourself with time. You may have to buy the frozen party pies instead of making all the party food yourself. There is always the barbeque that will feed lots of people in a cost effective way and sometimes is the best party food ever.

Get help

Send out the help messages early and allocate jobs to the willing – especially the family. Children like to get involved as well so allocate jobs to them such as rolling the cutlery in a napkin for each person.


By putting up party decorations you will create a party atmosphere. Balloons on the ceiling with ribbons cascading down is an instant party. Use banners and foil stars with blue tac on walls or windows perhaps with some old photographs to create a whole wall of interest and fun at a very little cost. Create an atmosphere by using your decorations and use music and your party will be a blast from beginning to end.

Don’t panic

You want everything to be perfect, however if little things go wrong don’t panic, everyone including you are there for a happy time and your friends probably won’t even notice the things you think are ‘wrong’. The is the 2 out of 3 rule. Friends, food and atmosphere. If 2 out of those 3 things are good your party will be a success.

Have fun

All your friends and family will be there to have fun with you, so relax.


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