How to Throw a Low-Budgeted Post New Year’s Eve Party that Rocks

image001If all those holiday spending drained your wallet dry, you can still throw a low-budgeted New Year’s Eve party that can rival all other parties in the block. All it takes is to gather all the resources you already have at home, some party-crazed buddies, and a little help from your favorite online party supplies store. So, start sending the invites to your friends using free apps and social media, spending nary a cent for stationery and postage. That gives you a good head start on your way to rock a post New Year’s Eve party in your own image003home.

Set the Stage. Leave the Christmas lights hanging up there to add glitz to the night. You may opt to string them in New Year’s Eve fashion to match the theme of the party. Tap the creative juices of your pals to create festive crafts, exploring the World Wide Web for blogs, graphics, and ideas on how to decorate the venue with a personalized touch. Perk up the place with multi-colored latex balloons that spell out the happy occasion.

Call for Food and Drinks. You need all the cooperation you can get as you tell your friends to bring a dish everyone can feast upon. As host of the potluck party, image005you have to inform guests in the invites what you’ll be providing. Take it upon yourself to serve chilled champagne and whatever leftover Christmas sodas in the fridge. You may also concoct instant powder juice laced with vodka to make sure the champagne lasts until it’s time to toast for the New Year.

Put out several gold snack bowls of crackers, munchies, and chips as appetizer. If you want to impress guests with your kitchen process, whip up some fancy mustard and cream cheese dip to spice up the bland nibbles you can offer. Surely, the manna will come when your friends arrive with their contribution. You’ll be amazed that the line-up of food in the buffet table is enough to feed the multitude that turned up to your post New Year’s Eve party. Ultimately, there’s a heavy feasting on snacks, main courses, desserts, and drinks – largely courtesy of your guests. Just take care of the New Year’s Eve centrepieces and table wear such as disposable cups, plates, cutleries, and napkins. In this aspect, you’re sparing your friends from cleaning any mess after the party.

Treat your Guests as Celebrities. As celebrities, let your guests bask in the image007limelight and camera flashes. Cover one side of your home with a New Year’s party window prop to serve as background for the photo shoot. Provide them with choices of fun props, such as masquerade masks, multi-colored cone hats, and other fancy dress costumes. Capture classic and wacky poses using a digital camera that allows you to upload the photos on your Facebook photo album instantly. See how the images of fun become viral even before the party ends!

Play Some Music. Download upbeat tunes to keep everyone swinging till wee hours. Whether you play a remix from your computer or another device, make sure to connect a powerful speaker to roar with loud sound across the party area. Create a playlist of past hot billboard hits to sing goodbye to the old year. If you want the crowd to go wild, let Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” fill the air.

Cheer on your Team. As the party gets to a fever pitch, bring out those classy silver rimmed shot glasses to play the traditional adult drinking game. Prepare image009some funny questions and those who give incorrect answers must take another round of shot. However, you may modify the rule by pouring soda or juice instead of alcohol to make sure no one goes home intoxicated. Considered as old school, playing charade never fails to bring in party fun. Moreover, you don’t even have to drink while you play it.

When the party ends, don’t forget to be thankful for being blessed with reliable friends who helped you put up a grand post New Year’s Eve party that rocks at minimal cost.

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