Party Favour Ideas for Your Toddler’s Big Day

image001Arranging a birthday party for your toddler is easy enough; you only need to set up a makeshift daycare in your home. You’ll have a variety of party favours to choose from, but because toddlers will take anything, you’ll have to be extra careful with the sundries. Toddlers tend to put anything in their mouths anytime they want, even if you explicitly (but lovingly) tell them not to. You can avoid unpleasant incidents like these if you choose age-appropriate party favours for your toddler’s party. Fortunately, most party packages are customized for specific age groups, and it’s up to you to choose the varieties you want.

Goody! There’s the Goody Bag!

image003The goody bags you hand out will keep your recipients preoccupied for the next couple of days until a new diversion comes around. This doesn’t say much about a toddler’s attention span, but you’ll likely make a lasting impression if you pick out age-appropriate knickknacks children can really play with such as a Minnie Mouse giant pack of party favours that include various bits and pieces, from whistles to hair clips. The party favours don’t have to be expensive, just make sure these are colorful and interactive. You can’t go wrong with crayons and clay because your guests will be familiar with these and will welcome the opportunity to add more to their stash back home. Make sure that these are non-toxic, and choose oversized and washable crayons over the regular varieties. You can even put the goodies in popcorn loot bags.

Stimulating the Mind with Loot Bags

image005Since you’re putting a premium on interactive toy varieties, it’s best to choose goody bag fillers that’ll stimulate the toddler’s imagination, such as a maze puzzle, rather than provide them something to fidget with for an hour or so. Pair the crayons with a couple of coloring books, and throw in a bubble set with plenty of loop sizes to keep things interesting. Your party favours can also be educational: mini games that let children mix and match shapes and colors provide a productive form of preoccupation. Try to avoid action figures and dolls, because your recipients probably have a pile of dismembered, reassembled, and chewed-up toys stored in their play boxes already.

You can also keep the varieties gender sensitive by choosing the appropriate assortments. The goody bags for younger boys could be stocked with large Lego blocks, notepads, bubble tubes, and play sets image007with a gender-appropriate theme like Cars 2 or Spongebob Squarepants. The girl’s goody hoards can include sticker sets and craft projects, with Disney Princess or Dora the Explorer themes. Make sure that the color combination of the assortments and the goody bags also suggests the gender separation.

Choosing party favours for the goody bags is probably second nature to you. You’ll likely have a good idea about toddlers’ preferences based on your parenting experience with yours. Remember to keep everything colorful, exciting and interactive. A tight combination works on any party theme; you won’t have to worry if your assortment doesn’t gel in with the party’s motif because your recipients will hardly notice this.

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