Simple Ideas for White Christmas Decorations

snowflake centrepieceAlmost everyone looks forward to the Christmas season. It is the time to celebrate with family and soak in the many lights as well as decorations around. What would you do, though, if in the place where you live, Christmas comes as early as June? Well, let the holiday bug bite you right away and get down to sprucing up your home with dramatic holiday décor.

Challenge yourself to pull off a beautiful winter wonderland theme. With the help of a good online story like Party Supplies Online that has a roster of winter wonderland party supplies in their inventory, you can bring your ideas to life without breaking sweat.

The winter wonderland theme is a classic and elegant look for the Christmas season. Many have tried to highlight this theme at home but only few have pulled it off. Steering away from the traditional festive hues of reds, blues, and gold can be a refreshing theme guests will truly appreciate. Are you ready to get started? Keep on reading,

snowflake fabric garlandEmbody the winter wonderland theme in your home with these white Christmas decorations:

  1. Mantel – Most homes located in cold areas often have a fireplace. Near the fireplace is where most memories are shared. Improve the ambience of the fireplace by including a mantel in your white Christmas theme. Gather white silk flowers and carefully place theme along the mantel. Use spray-painted pinecones and a homemade garland following the same theme. Better yet, use snowflakes fabric garland to complete the look.
  1. Table – The holidays is all about family and friends getting together and enjoying a sumptuous feast, making majority of the gathering spent in the dining room. The table is one of the focal points of the occasion. Decorate the table by leaning towards silver accents contrasting with white table covers and napkins. These must be very crisp and ironed. The touch of silver can be in the form of napkin and candleholders. The winter wonderland theme is achieved using the silver and white combo and by opting to use a snowflake centrepiece or a snowflake 3D prismatic table centrepiece.
  1. hanging iridescent starsStars – The winter wonderland theme must not start and end with the focal points of the home. There must be a flow when it comes to the decor. Achieve this by stringing silver stars across or hanging iridescent stars throughout the home. The sparkle of these silver stars adds some much needed glamour and class in other areas. Hang the stars in doorways, around other decor like chandeliers. They can also be used for the Christmas Tree.
  1. Tree – The most important aspect of the winter wonderland theme decor is the Christmas tree. You can create your own white tree that you can drape with snowflake stringer or decorate a regular green hued tree with all white decors. If you are leaning towards reusing your traditional colored tree then you will do well to have white Christmas lights paired with clear crystal decorations. Add touches of silver and light blue for that frosty winter wonderland effect. If you are someone who absolutely wants a white tree, you can get one from the store or simply spray paint your old traditional tree. Make the white tree more attractive by adding Christmas lights in white or blue colors and enchanting winter appropriate décor like snowflake dizzy danglers.

snowflake dizzy danglersAfter you have pulled all these items together and created a classy winter wonderland themed home, perhaps it is time to get cracking with the holiday party. Getting started with the winter wonderland party requires the host to cover the following.

  • Invitations – Create a guest list, this can be neighborhood and close friends and of course family. Stick to the winter wonderland theme by using the white, blue, and silver for your invitations. Better yet, go paperless by sending an e-vite with the same color combo in your template.
  • Entertainment – Mix modern and traditional Christmas songs by playing remixed holiday tunes. Make sure you have enough games and activities for the night.

Enjoy your holiday party with these winter wonderland decorations and party suggestions.

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