Wedding Decoration with Balloons – Helpful Tips

Balloons Balloons the decorating department of Party Supplies Online is a multi-award winning company on a State and National level for the Bridal Industry and was name Decorator of the Year for Australia in 2009. We are very happy to pass on some of our hints and advise to you to help make your wedding day the dream you would wish it to be.

The venue you choose will play the most important role in your decisions. For example if your venue has a flat ceiling above the dance floor, then balloons floating there with ribbons cascading down with make your dance floor fun, (as it should be), and look beautiful as well. However if the ceiling is not flat then floor bouquets of balloons perhaps one on each corner of the dance floor will still give you a fun atmosphere and once again enhance the appearance of the area.

Balloons for centrepieces can look wonderful. They can be done in a topiary style with a gift box set onto the table and the balloon ball on top of a supporting pole that then has perhaps flower garlands, natural ivy or ribbons cascading down around the pole. Always remember that the balloon ball must start 75cm off the table so as not to obstruct vision.

Helium centrepieces can also look beautiful and one of the best aspects of this type of decorating is that even when your guests are standing chatting, the decorations will still be visible above head height and will certainly add the the bridal atmosphere. We would highly recommend using pearlised or metallic balloons and only of the very best quality, using organza ribbons in the bases and perhaps some tuile with silver or gold glittered spots. We would only use Qualatex brand balloons in our decorating as they have the longest ‘fly’ time and a beautiful pearly finish. Once again centre pieces must have the first balloon at 75cm off the table so your guests can see each other.

If the area is an open area, then helium centrepieces and arches will not be suitable because they will be caught by the wind. Decor that has been built onto frames such as arches and pillars and are air inflated, or heavy based topiary balloon trees from the ground or table centrepieces, would be the choices we would suggest that you look at.

If you choose a balloon decorator to do some or all of you decorating for your wedding, it is always advisable to ask to see their portfolios of weddings decorated in the past. The venue you have chosen may also have already seen the work done by the company of your choice, and they may be able to give their advice as the the merit of the company’s decorating skills. You may also be able to visit a wedding that has been decorated by the company before the guests arrive by a special request, to make sure that your choice of decorator is the most informed it can be. Have a wonderful wedding!!

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