Wedding Decoration with Flowers – Helpful Hints

Choosing flowers for your wedding sometimes can be a bit bewildering, as there are so many beautiful blooms and of course they are in flower at different times of the year. You will need to speak to your florist or the flower market that you select to either decorate or supply you with your flowers to ascertain as to whether the flower of your choice is available at the time of year of your wedding. For instance frangipanis that are an all time favourite for Australian women are available in the lower states from December through to March, and in the northern states from November through to February.

We would recommend that you choose flowers for decorating your reception that are closely linked to floral bouquets for the Bride and Bridesmaids. For instance if does look rather odd to have perhaps roses in the bridal bouquets and frangipanis in your table centrepieces.

Seek the advise of more than one florist not only for quotes, but for the availability of the blooms of your choice, that way your decision will be the most informed it can be. Your florist should have portfolios of past work done for weddings and you should even be able to ask for an example to be made prior to your decision if your floral budget is a larger one. Recommendations are a great way to try to find the decorator of your choice, and sometimes your wedding venue can help you with that. Colour co-ordinate the wedding making sure that the arrangements for your centrepieces match colours of perhaps table runners, chair covers or sashes, and of course don’t forget the ‘button hole’ bloom for the groom and his attendants.

If you wish to keep your bridal bouquet instead of throwing it to the available ladies at your wedding reception to catch, then ask your florist to make a small throwing bridal bouquet and that way you can have your bouquet dried as a keepsake.

Decorating the church pews with flowers can add a lot of extra expense to your wedding. Instead you could perhaps choose to have some bows made to attach to the ends of the pews, which will still look stunning but not be as expensive, and of course once again colour co-ordinate this with the Bridal bouquets. Using pure white is always beautiful in a church, but you can add accents of colour with a small amount of ribbon in the centre of the bow.

When choosing a floral centrepiece for your wedding, the centrepiece must never be more that 35cm tall or your guests will not be able to see one another. Or perhaps you may wish to have a long stemmed vase that is slim and tall and that way your flowers can be high with a gorgeous tumble of blooms without obstructing the vision of your guests, either way your wedding will look wonderful.

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