Be the Best Event Planner with These Event Planning Guides

In order to become an event planner, a formal education on that career path is necessary. Moreover, if you want to become one of the best in the field, you’d do well to read event-planning books and pick up tips and pointers there. An underlying theme you would notice in those books is the importance of paying attention to the fine details of event planning and offering the best to your clients all the time. Obviously, dedication is crucial if you want to be a great event planner. You would have to put the interests of your clients before your own, even sacrificing the time you spend on your everyday activities just to plan events.

Much time and energy are necessary if you want to be the kind of event planner who always delivers the best service to clients. Perhaps it would even be a good idea to attend event-planning seminars where you can learn many of the important things related to event planning. In fact, most of these seminars even provide help to those who wish to set up their own event planning business.

It’s highly important to learn the tricks of the trade, so to speak, since that’s the only way you can be a successful event planner. One tip you should always keep in mind, and this is probably one of the most important as well, is to form connections only with the best suppliers. Search the Internet for possible event suppliers, strike a deal with them, and make sure you always go to them when you’re planning an event. If you have the best suppliers like Party Supplies Online backing you up, you’d always be ready to offer the best to your clients. Furthermore, having the best suppliers will help build up your reputation as one of the best event planners in your area, too.

You would also do well to visit an event-planning website to find out more about event planning. In this field, it pays to have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. It’s such a diverse field that evolves constantly; thus, you need to be updated. Better yet, you should strive to be a step ahead of the competition. Another tip to keep in mind is to learn how to communicate effectively with your clients. You should always give your clients options and know what is acceptable and what is not by reviewing all the details of the events you plan with the clients. Keep in mind that the event you’re planning isn’t about you but that of your clients. You could offer a suggestion if you think something is amiss. If the client accepts, then all is good to go. Nevertheless, you always need to listen to your clients’ needs and wants.

Consider this actual event that took place around second week of May, the Annual Awards Night for Whale Beach SLSC, which was held at Moby Dick’s, located at the Whale Beach SLSC clubhouse. The theme for the event was “Casino Royale”, which you may recall is a James Bond film. Below are pictures of the setup for the event.

You can see that they bunched pearlized balloons latex – red, onyx, and silver together to create a lovely centerpiece.


To accentuate the bunched latex balloons, they placed foil super shape balloon – casino suite spades, diamond, club, and heart at the top.


They also used foil super shape balloons – playing cards for variety. Balloon weight – silver, several of those, to be exact, were used to hold the balloon centerpieces down on the tables.


So you see, all it takes is a bit of creativity to create stunning works of art from simple balloons. These can help make your event so much livelier.

Finally, one event-planning guide to keep close to heart is to keep ties with clients who were very pleased with your performance. This would surely enhance your reputation. Use them as references, but always ask before giving out any information. This way you can give future clients and idea of your work quality. Most importantly, you need to have a personality that allows you to interact with others and really hear what they want. You need to be strong enough to handle everything with a collective attitude and make the entire event planning process fun for both you and your clients. You would be surprised to see how your personality and the way you handle things can make a huge difference in making you a successful event coordinator instead of an okay planner.

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