Boosting Your Party with Balloons

Balloons are party essentials – whether it’s a wedding, a birthday celebration, the 4th of July or just a family get-together. Any affair becomes festive when the whole place is festooned with balloons of all sizes, shapes, colours, materials and designs.

From mini-inflatables to huge lollipops, balloons will surely add a jovial touch to your festivity. You can decide to do the balloon decorating yourself or to hire a professional. Whatever’s your decision, you need to know these bright balloon decorating ideas to ensure that you’ll have the look that you want.

  • Fill the balloons with air a day before the party since this can be time-consuming. If you don’t inflate them early, they might not be ready in time for the party. To keep them look like they’ve just been inflated until the next day, place the balloons in a plastic bag immediately after filling them with air.
  • Invest in either an automatic balloon inflator or a manual pump. If you’re one party thrower, this gadget can save you a great deal of puffing and huffing to blow all the balloons every time you host a party. You can also save more money if you buy at least a manual pump than renting one every time you’re hosting an event. But, if you want more fun, invite the kids in the neighbourhood and turn them into little elves working in your balloon factory.
  • Choose balloon colours that fit the event. For example, go for red, white and green balloon decor for your Mexican fiesta. In some cases, while it appears lively enough to have two or three colours, you can still add another colour to give you a more vibrant ambience. On Party Supplies Online, you can choose from a kaleidoscope of pastels, neons and solid colours.

  • Buy safe and user-friendly balloons, such as latex and foil balloons.
  • Latex balloons, made from liquid sap produced by rubber trees, are colourful and more affordable than other balloon types and can be filled with helium or air. Naturally tear-resistant, this balloon can even be filled with liquid water, though they tend to pop when inflated too much.
  • Foil balloons are lightweight, air tight and self-sealing. Its material doesn’t expand or stretch, making it non-porous. Once the neck seal is tightly knotted, helium leak is unlikely to occur, so the balloon can stay floating for as long as two weeks. You can refill the helium if you want to further extend the “life” of a foil balloon. And when it pops, the material will break into pieces without becoming a choking hazard for kids.
  • Create interesting balloon designs by grouping or assembling them into decor that will match the party’s theme. Some people are inclined to put them in spots where they simply float into oblivion. One way to get your effort appreciated is by hanging the balloons right where they can be easily noticed – at the entrance. Create an arch of balloons showing the colour motif of the event. If you don’t have the flair for it, you can ask help from the store clerk or party organizers to do the tricks for you.
  • Use environment-friendly materials. For instance, when hanging your balloon streamer, tie the ends to a stable post with a dental floss. The floss is strong enough to hold the whole weight of the streamer while remaining invisible. If this isn’t possible, attach the décor to the wall using crepe tape to avoid chipping the paint surface.

Dress up your venue by using a lot of balloons, a little creativity and this list of ideas to turn your party into one spectacular event without blowing up your budget.

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