No One’s Too Old to Party

Adults enjoy birthday parties as much as children do. Even if they don’t admit it, adults are thrilled to be honoured with their own birthday party. And that’s even if the thought of turning another year older is such a dreadful thing for them. Turning 50, 60 or older is an important milestone for anyone. It calls for a celebration – time to prove that it’s never too old to party!

What makes an event a real celebration, especially for a senior celebrant, is the attendance of family and friends. And to achieve that and make it truly meaningful for someone who is celebrating the gift of life, you need careful planning and creativity. It’s important to consider the celebrant’s line of interests before you create a themed idea. From this, you build the menu, decorations, music, games and other engaging entertainment. Parties for the not-so-young don’t happen everyday, so make the guest of honour remember it, hopefully for more ages to come.

The Basics

It’s always better to prepare for the party without being pressed for time. Ideally, give extra time to guarantee nothing is omitted from your checklist.

Date – Having the party over the weekend ensures that most guests can come. If the actual birthday doesn’t fall on a weekend, pick the nearest weekend before or after the date. Just make sure that guests are invited at least 2 weeks before the event, so they can already block off their schedule. You can then be assured of a good number of attending guests.

Venue – If you want to throw an intimate party, you can host it at your house. If the celebrant is aware of it, the party may also be held at his or house. For something more formal and larger, a function room in a restaurant, country club or hotel is ideal.

Guests – Ask the birthday celebrant for names of people he or she would like to invite. List all the guests’ names down, including the spouses, family members, or companions, to have a good idea of the required venue size and the food to be served, among others.

Budget – You can set the budget for the party by considering the number of guests and asking for prices from potential suppliers. Stay within the budget limit by being realistic with what you can afford.

Invitations – Obviously, you can only send out invitations once the venue and date are confirmed. Design should be dictated by the chosen theme. Check that all necessary details are correctly typed or printed. Indicate clearly the theme for the party, especially if a special costume is required, to ensure that guests can prepare well their wardrobe.

The Details

As the party approaches, decide mainly on the menu, party favours, decorations, and entertainment.

Food – Choose whether to have a buffet spread or an a la carte setup. Buffet is usually preferred by organizers, because it’s more affordable and easier to serve than the other. A buffet setup also gives an ambiance of fun and feast. A la carte, on the other hand, is perfect for more formal dinners and smaller number of guests. In both setups, though, serve or pass around finger foods so there will be no hungry guests while waiting for the main food features to be served

Theme – Creating a theme largely depends on the interests and personality of the celebrant. Someone who’s turning 50 or older will be delighted to jive in a Disco, Rock N’ Roll or Hippie Retro party theme. You may also decide to pull off a Country and Western party to bring back the good old memories of playing cowboys and Indians. Party Supplies Online has a wide range of seasonal and themed supplies to match your party ideas – even if you’re looking for flashy disco costumes or various beards and mustaches.

Decorations – Dressing up the venue is easier when you focus on the selected theme. Remember that the details make the big difference in decorating. Everyone will always remember a 50th birthday party that’s decorated like Hollywood’s Golden Age, complete with gold balloons, stars, and even award statuettes. Find the most fitting party décor by clicking the website where you can have a variety of choices for your party decorations and accessories.

Favours – One ideal way to show how much you appreciate your guests’ coming to your planned party is by giving out favours that represent the theme. For instance, a pack of playing cards would be a great favour for a casino-themed bash for your James Bond-fanatic celebrant. Party Supplies Online provides a full range of 1st to 100th Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations.

Entertainment and Games – Music is essential to have the ambience you want in the party. Play theme-related tunes or the favourites of the celebrant. Entertain the guests with some prepared activities like games and other engaging activities, all of which should be related to the party theme. Select types of party games that will keep everyone on their feet.

Planning a birthday party for an adult can be a little more challenging than doing one for kids. But come to think of it, shouldn’t you be rejoicing about decades of a well-lived life as you would the first years of a child? So go ahead and start that planning. With your resourcefulness and all the products and services on Party Supplies Online, you can pull off an unforgettable party that grown-ups will enjoy.

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