Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016

If you go by the Chinese lunar calendar or just love the festivities, you’ll know it’s almost time to bring in another year of good fortune. Official Chinese New Year celebrations begin on Sunday 7th February (Chinese New Year’s Eve), and finish on Saturday 13th February 2016. If you’re holding a Chinese New Year party, add must-have decorations to make your party as colourful as the parades themselves!

Everything red

chinese new year

Red is symbolic of good fortune and happiness to the Chinese. This is why red envelopes are given out, and why just about every decoration is red. The more red, the more good fortune will come your way. Start decorating your party with Ruby Red 3″ Round balloons and Foil Super Shape Chinese Dragon balloons.

Paper decorations

chinese new year

It’s customary for paper decorations such as paper cuttings and lanterns to decorate homes during Chinese New Year. We love the red Decorative Fan and the Chinese New Year Lanterns. Add some Red Crepe and Honey Yellow Crepe streamers to hang around the room.

Tableware and disposablesWHITE WAXED CARDBOARD NOODLE BOXES PACK OF 10 - 16oz

Aside from having a Chinese feast, your table should look the part! A Chinese Design Table Runner is a very easy way to decorate for the theme. Serve your guests noodles or nibbles in White Waxed Cardboard Noodle Boxes. Clean up any spills with Red Dinner Napkins.

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