Scene Setters

Scene setters are one of the most helpful party supplies. With very little effort, a room can be transformed to suit any theme. They are reusable, and can be adhered with tack or tape. You can purchase scene setters for a particular theme, or pick one which can suit a variety of themes. For example, the Starry Night Wall Display, Red Brick Wall Backdrop, Jungle Foliage Backdrop and Scary Stone Wall Display are all suitable for different party themes. Going for a texture or colour is a great idea if you wish to use the same scene setter for multiple parties.

Simple, effective scene setters





Another easy way to transform a room is with simple additions like candles, or even incense. Candles provide a sense of intimacy which is great for small parties. Incense is fantastic for large parties as it will add to the mood, and cover up the smell of any messes! For parties which lead outside, citronella is perfect for keeping insects away.

Additional party supplies

Other multi-purpose party supplies include themed tableware. Using themed tableware is practical and will complement the aesthetic of your party. Keep it simple with coloured tableware, or use patterned products to add to the theme. Another hassle-free decoration is Chinese lanterns. They look beautiful and add to the theme without taking much effort. Simply attach some string or twine, and hang. Easy as!

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