Christmas Countdown: Unique Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is one of the most popular and anticipated events of the year. It is also the time of the year where people are usually cheery, pleasant, have high hopes in life, and generally happy. Christmas is also among the longest celebrated holidays in the world. In some countries, Christmas-inspired celebrations start as early as December 16 and runs as far as January.

Christmas trees, on the other hand, are one of the most popular symbols of Christmas. This is one Christmas decoration that makes the holiday spirit inside our homes linger. Decorating a Christmas tree is an anciebeachnt tradition. It is something done by families together for as far as Christmas trees existed. There are also a lot of variations of the Christmas tree. There is the real pine tree cut down and transformed into a bright centerpiece décor at home, and Christmas trees readily available in malls in different colours, sizes, and material type. However, all these types of Christmas trees require the same thing – Christmas tree decorations!

With a little effort and a few creative ideas, you can make your Christmas tree decorating experience fun and unique this Christmas 2016. Let us give you some ideas you can pull off for your tree decorations.

Beach-themed Christmas treepokemon

It’s Christmas and the breeze is a little bit colder than usual. However, you can still incorporate your love for the sea and anything sandy or bright by decorating your Christmas tree with shells, ropes, driftwoods, and even corals. You can buy actual ornaments that can be bought from the store or use the collections that you have at home. If you would want to add Christmas lights into your decorating theme, you can even tie your beach-inspired ornaments around these Christmas lights to create a more amazing effect.

Pokemon-themed Christmas tree

Pokemon Go has been a big hit this year and kids are going crazy over the cute plush toys that come plenty for this franchise. Instead of the usual Christmas balls and Christmas trinkets for your tree, you might want to consider decorating your tree with plush Pokemon characters and Pokeballs. halloween-themeThey come in different colours and sizes too so you can create a unique variation for your décor.

Halloween-themed Christmas tree

Can’t get enough of Halloween? A lot of people do so it was not a surprise to see a lot of Christmas trees being put up as early as October and decorated with pumpkins instead of the usual angels and other Christmas accessories. You can crossover from Halloween to Christmas with the same tree set up by adding a few Christmas-inspired accessories like the Christmas star, a few colourful bon bons for a more festive look, and bright Christmas lights. Fake snow would also look nice.

Stuffed bears, miniature superheroes, cookie cutters, and other small things can look awesome as Christmas decors for your tree with a little effort and creativity. Go set a unique Christmas tree for your home and enjoy that extra glow in everyone this coming holiday season.

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