Christmas Creations: Unique DIY Christmas Decors

Prepping for the holidays need not be expensive. It should be fun and memorable for every household. This is the reason one should consider creating homemade Christmas gifts and Christmas decors for the upcoming holiday season. You do not have to break the bank for your Christmas accessories and decorations at home. Use these unique DIY holiday decorating ideas to save on your Christmas decorations for the holidays.

Bow Wreath

candy-caneYou can create a festive Christmas wreath without too much effort. Simply prepare a rounded wooden hoop or a one made from wire or a Styrofoam wreath. Hot glue colourful bows of various colours onto it to make it look festive. To add sparkle, you can also hot glue a few Christmas balls, some rhinestones and sprinkle glitter to add luster. This will take you less than an hour to do and some old ribbons available on your crafting box.

Candy Cane Vase

You can use real candy canes or paint wooden canes with white and red stripes. Tie this canes around an old opened powder container or anything that looks like a glass. Cover the whole area with candy cane to create your vase. You can fill this vase with artificial or real flowers. A combination of metallic red, green and yellow Christmas accessories would look great for this centerpiece.

Snowman Wreathsnowman

Stack two wreaths with two different sizes to create a unique look for your Christmas wreaths. Add accessories in white and red to create the image of a Snowman. You can use an actual Christmas hat or a glittering green cut-out hat to make your Snowman wreath stand out. It will only cost you around $20 to finish this Christmas décor.

DIY Christmas Tote Bags

Stockings may have been the staple decoration in your chimneys since we’ve been kids. However, having your gifts fit in this little space is quite difficult. Introduce a different décor that will take care of your gift storage problems with Christmas tote bags. You can simply use old tote bags and decorate it with Christmas decors and shiny accessories to make it look Christmas-like.

Santa Chairs

Your kitchen area can look even more Christmas-y with Santa Chairs. Simply insert felt Santa Claus Hats ontchristmas-toteo the back of your chairs to create that Christmas effect. You can also add more colour to your dining room table by tying ribbons onto your dinner candle lights, adding a colourful table runner and adding a few Christmas balls on the base of your food bowls.

Pillow Presents

Simply add red and green ribbons to your pillows to make them look like wrapped gifts. Anyone would love hugging onto one of these beauties especially during those cold evenings.

You do not need to spend too much when it comes to home decors for this coming Christmas. A little creativeness and resourcefulness would go a long way.

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