Colourful Party Food Ideas for Kids with Sweet Tooth

ice cream sundaeIt is no secret that all kids love sweet presents. There is sheer joy in seeing a kid’s face light up from having a wonderful present. For a kid with a sweet tooth there are many presents that can be gifted. However, it is no secret that kids also get bored quickly, so it takes some imagination to keep a kid with a sweet tooth smiling. Some of the colourful party food ideas to bring a smile on a kid with a sweet tooth include:

Cotton candy

This is the stuff that is sold in many show grounds. It is just like magic to a kid. A cardboard is put in a clear box and swirled around. A big poofy colourful thing comes out attached to the end of the cardboard stick. This stuff disappears sweetly in the mouth.

English toffee

Toffee is made by boiling sugar and other flavours into a hard candy. Delicious English toffee can have ingredients like milk chocolate and roasted almonds.

birthday sundaeCreamy fudge

For a kid who loves chocolate, a gift of creamy fudge is a dream come true. This sticky chocolate will keep the kid engaged in its sweetness and for some time the kid will be in a state of pure bliss. You can get it in all varieties of weights from a few grams to a kilo.

Hard candy

This will test your kid’s value of delayed gratification. Hard candy will make the kid work for the sweetness and it will come in bits. Hard candy comes in different varieties. You can go for the organic kind to keep your kid sucking on in a healthier fashion.

Happy Birthday MixV2Peanut brittle

Peanut butter on bread is a big delicacy. Peanut brittles are made by covering peanut butter in honey. The result is irregular chunky brown pieces, much like candy but having the silky tastiness of peanut.


This is the gooey stuff that you can spend hours on end eating. It has a special place among the world of sweet things. Properly made caramel is sweet and buttery and the kid with a sweet tooth will find it hard resisting eating one more.

Lego candy

What better way to improve your kid’s creativity than by spurring it on with some sweetness? Lego candy comes just like the regular Lego building blocks but with a twist. The kid can eat the blocks when he gets famished from all the creativity. The good thing is that you can buy in bulk and have an army of children happily building and eating away.

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