Creative Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas for a Guaranteed YES!

Not all people would agree with the idea of proposing during Valentine’s Day, but no one can also argue that it’s one of the best times to do so. In fact, a lot of dating women expect a proposal from their boyfriends on this romantic day. Here are ideas that will help you execute the proposal properly and keep it from being a cheesy moment.

46048B-hv-bubbleLove Recreated

Arrange with your partner to recreate your first date or the first time you met each other this coming Valentine’s Day. If you’re going with the former, make reservations for the restaurant where you had your first dinner together. Inform your partner that you want this to be romantic and fun and the same time, so make sure you both wear a similar outfit you wore that memorable evening. You can recreate as much detail as you want if it’s going to help, such as play the same music in the car, sit at the same table you sat on, and order the same food and drinks. This time around, though, tell her you’ve recreated this moment because it was at this very moment some few years ago that you found the woman you wanted to spend your entire life with. Get down on one knee next and pop the question!

flashingblingringLove Everywhere

Buy a pack of Valentine’s Cards, and on each card, write one reason you love her or the thing you appreciate about her the most. Plant the cards everywhere, making sure she’ll find them easily, like the pocket of her jeans, for instance, or the inside of her purse. Post some in the fridge or the dashboard of the car as well. You can even do this treasure hunting style, adding clues to each card as to where you could find the next one. The final card could be a banner with a message asking her to marry you.

6453-teddy-loveLove Countdown

A countdown theme can be a very romantic way to express your love for the woman of your life. She’ll appreciate it that you are exerting money, time, and energy just to show her that you cherish her. How much more her amazement will be when she finds out that the climax of everything you’re doing is a marriage proposal! Each day starting on the first day of February, give her a personalised gift to show how much you appreciate and adore her. It could be as simple as her favourite food you’ve prepared and cooked yourself, or as elegant as a pair of earrings she’s been wanting to have for some time. Then, on Valentine’s Day, take her out for dinner and give her your final gift – an engagement ring!

q27535Love Balloon

You’ll need assistance from some friends with this one. When executed perfectly, this can be a very romantic proposal your beloved couldn’t resist. Plan a romantic candlelight rooftop dinner, asking one of your friends to be your personal waiter. When the time has come to pop the question, release a balloon hidden at the corner of the rooftop with its string tied to one of the legs of the table on your side. The balloon is secured with a very long string, and as soon it hits the air, a small box would slide down slowly towards you. Ask your date to catch the box and open it. Inside the box is a little piece of paper with the words, “MARRY ME!” As soon as she reads it, fall on one knee and present the ring to her.

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