Easter Egg Hunt Bash for All Ages

image002All over the world, Easter is an important occasion for Christians who celebrate the Risen Lord on this day. Because it is such a joyous occasion, it has also become a time when families come together for reunions, and one of the traditional treats of the day is an Easter egg hunt for kids.

The subject of the hunt, the Easter egg, is said to be an adaptation of rites celebrated in spring by pagans in ancient times. Along with the Easter bunny, the Easter egg is supposed to be a symbol of new life and fertility. This symbolism, however, is no longer brought to mind these days. Families and churches simply use the Easter egg as part of the festivities without attaching the significance it had for people from long ago.

Just like the rest of the world, Easter is celebrated in Australia albeit in unique fashion. Australians host several rituals to observe Easter and at the same time, the beginning of the autumn season. There are pancake races, hog on hot cross buns, and plenty of Easter shows. However, unlike other places, Australia uses a fictional rodent called “Easter Bilby” as the main symbol for Easter. Nevertheless, the bunny is still traditionally an Easter fixture in many parts of the continent.

Letting Everyone Join the Fun

image004Customarily, the Easter Egg Hunt is for children who are still young enough to enjoy it. Parents or grandparents sometimes help younger kids find the prized eggs, but it is really an activity for the young ones. If you are hosting an Easter party, a visit to https://www.partiesonline.com.au/ can give you plenty of ideas to liven up the hunt by getting wide range of Easter party supplies so everyone can join. Start by placing an Easter egg hunt party yard sign as a precursor to the kind of thrill kids, teenagers, young adults, and mature adults can expect to experience.

Dress up the Place for the Party!

image005Decorating the house for an Easter party is always such a delight! You can have the prettiest balloons or hang lanterns to give your place cheerful ambiance. You can also hang Easter banners on your walls, use Easter bunny tablecover and fill the place with Easter egg swirls to brighten up the corners of your entertainment area.

Prepare for the hunt with some special accessories to give the games a special touch: a giant bunny cut out would definitely be a plus along with a distinctive boundary tape to guide the hunters.

Everyone’s Easter Egg Hunt

image007To include other age groups in the Easter egg hunt, you can color code the eggs and allow the kids to lay claim to a particular color, or you can designate decorated ones for them. Then assign a color for each of the age groups represented in your gathering. For example, teenagers need to look for yellow eggs, adults younger than 26 get only the blue eggs, and so on.

Use plain eggs for the adults – the kind that doesn’t have chocolate inside. Then, put a piece of paper with a number inside. Put a copy of that number in a sealed container and prepare as many gifts or prizes as there are eggs with numbers.

image010While everyone is out hunting, arrange the prizes on a table. After the eggs have all been found, gather the adults around the table and hold a raffle. You can hold an item up and declare it a yellow or blue or red item. Then, pick out a number from you jar and whoever found the egg with the same number gets the prize.

Remember, your prizes don’t have to be expensive. Colorful mini pinwheel, disco ball key ring, a set of measuring spoons, a gag mug, or a bag of chocolate will be quite satisfactory. However, when you give them away, you have to keep up the spirit by placing the treats inside loot boxes with Easter bunny design.

Your Easter Buffet

It’s always good to have traditional foods on Easter because it is one way of handing down customs that families have observed through the years. It is also a special way of treating friends, and family members (especially those who are young) to a taste of dishes that have some history in them. One way of expanding the food choices for the Easter feast is to add a gourmet recipe or two. Another way of making the meal interesting is to include a couple of traditional foods from the cuisine of other countries.

For example, a plate of mamoul, a Middle Eastern pastry eaten by Christians on Easter, would not at all be out of place beside a pudding or a basket of hot cross buns. The lamb or turkey can still take center stage for the day, but a creative cook can borrow plenty of side dishes, salads, appetizers, or desserts to complement the rest of the menu.

Fun and Games for All

After the hunt has been accomplished, there is nothing to stop you from encouraging everyone to continue having fun with games that everyone will enjoy. With supervision, the younger kids can play tug-of-war or do an egg relay. Teenagers and adults can play charades or bingo. Once people start having fun they are more than willing to participate in activities to sustain their enjoyment, and all you need have to do is be a happy part of it all.

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