Exchanging I Do’s in a Geeky Gathering

image001Like any normal person, a geek can fall in love and decide to get married. The only difference is that the wedding is planned and celebrated in true geek fashion. It all starts with a marriage proposal that has all the elements of his personality and special interests usually involving technology, computers, sci-fi, and video games. In addition, drawing from these interests are the details that make up a geek wedding that mainstream society would sneer at as a total departure from the traditional “dream wedding”.

Despite having a reputation for being lame and nerdy, geeks can prove that they can be just as passionate and creative as regular Romeos when they find their true love. Some geeks have been known to modify characters in popular video games to propose to their girlfriends, while others use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to pop the question to their future brides. Nevertheless, the eccentric proposal comes down to the planning of the wedding with nothing but a geeky theme to work on. From superheroes to fairy tales and intergalactic themes, these weddings have the basic components of novelty romance.

  • The Wizards Wed: Harry Potter is definitely the central figure in this weddingimage003 held in what is supposedly a forbidden forest. Let your family and friends know about the details of the wedding by sending out the official invitation inside a coffee-stained envelope sealed with red wax. Make it clear that everyone must come garbed in black velvety type cape with glitter sparkles reminiscent of the robes worn in the Houses of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Treat your guests with green pasta, treacle tart, chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott’s jelly beans, and other peculiar dishes served in the Great Hall of the Hogwarts. There’ll be fun as guests try the wizard wand tokens to see if these are, indeed, magical.
  • image005Fairy Tale Wedding: Just because you’re a geek doesn’t mean you can’t have a wedding that ends where the bride and groom live happily ever after. If you’re one avid Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast fan, it makes sense to incorporate all the romantic elements to fulfill a fairy tale wedding from designing the invitation to choosing the wedding dress, decorations, menu, and cake. Couples can choose from an array of options via an online source to obtain complete wedding outfit for the entire entourage and make it look and feel as though everything has just leapt out of a fairy tale movie. Exquisite costumes can transform any radiant bride into a true princess with tiara and scepter in lieu of veil and bouquet of flowers.

The wedding reception should be a banquet of rich foods to be enjoyed by theimage007 royal guests. Even if you’re tight on budget, a carving station with lots of side options and a colorful dessert table will be enough to satisfy the hungry guests. The cake must stand out as the centerpiece of the magical moment. Top several tiers of cake or stacked cupcakes with a gorgeous ceramic bride and groom to reflect an image of you with your prince.

  • Wedding in Science Fiction Fashion: Eat your heart out, Vera Wang and image009your league of international wedding dress designers. Fashion has assumed an innovative form from genetically mutated silkworms that glow in the dark to shake and spray fabric from a can. Today’s sci-fi fashion includes smart garment that will enable a true-blooded social media geek to connect with friends even while the wedding is on going. The smart bridal garment is fitted with what it takes to interpret gestures into updates. Google Glass elevates the whole ensemble into high-tech fashion as it transforms the couple into human internet hubs. It only needs the slightest movement such us zipping up or fixing a collar to instantly connect and send a message to friends. The couple can even take photos or videos at a closer range, and get directions via head-up display to know if everything’s all set at the wedding reception.

Sometimes it takes a geek to think of many creative and fun ways to make a wedding more interesting. How can you not have fun seeing the couple wearing Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears as they march down the aisle, or who wouldn’t fall in love all over again at the sight of a Medieval Knight of St. George waiting at the altar for his Maid Marion in velour dress? What wedding has an intergalactic robot for a ring? All that and more nerdy essentials you can find only in a geek wedding.

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