“Game of Thrones” on Your Full Throttle Medieval Party

image001Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The new season of Games of Thrones is here and everyone is so excited about it that everything you see uses it as an inspiration, from stationery to party themes and costume. When it comes to themes and costumes, nothing can be closest to recreating the time of daring knights and beautiful princesses than having a medieval party. That’s exactly what ScoutHike has for its theme this year: “All Things Medieval”.

ScoutHike is Sydney North Region’s premier annual Scout Section event held every May. This 2014, in time for its 21st year anniversary, ScoutHike is setting up 28 Activity Bases to celebrate various Medieval-related themes, complete with knights, princesses, castles, dragons, and dungeons. The exciting weekend runs from May 2 to 4, 2014, culminating in a ceremony awarding gold, silver, and bronze trophies to top patrolers before they are bussed home.

If you like rescuing a princess or slaying dragon, make sure you’re a registered Scout in the Scout Section in NSW, and within the age range specified within the formal NSW Scout Section. Now is your chance to fulfill your dream and experience an exciting weekend of supervised hiking around a NSW State Forest. Being too far away from the Activity Bases doesn’t mean you can’t have your own Medieval-themed Games of Thrones inspired party. A Medieval theme is an excellent party choice that can take guests of all ages to another level of fun and feast.

Invitations: Sending out the invites early can be advantageous, especially if you’re using bird mail to deliver the announcement to your friends. Use parchment paper to print out the details of the party, and burn the sides to create an authentic medieval look. Don’t forget to mention the importance of wearing medieval costumes and accessories because there’s no way the party can achieve the Games of Thrones ambiance if guests don’t dress up. For that, you may also recommend https://www.partiesonline.com.au/ as a one-stop online shop to get medieval costumes and accessories. Roll the paper and tie it with a red ribbon, or fold it and seal the overlap with candle wax drops.

image003Decorations: Any area can be easily transformed into a medieval setting with the right scene setter. Whether the party is to be held in the backyard, garden, or basement, you can decorate the walls with castle door and window props with huge stone design, or Medieval windows and torches if the party has an adventurous tone to it. For a Royal Feast, roll out red disposable table cover to serve as pathway leading to the great hall. The princesses will be delighted to see tables covered in pale pink or purple disposable table cover with butterfly cutouts tucked in the napkin holders.

image005Food and Drinks: Serving food and drinks can be set either in sit-down style or on long buffet tables. Tables can be wrapped with black and silver cover, which can be reused after the feast is over. Medieval foods are as simple as chicken wings, mutton, chicken potpie, lots of bread, and grapes or chocolate dipped fruits. For your adult guests, serve authentic medieval feast consisting of roasted turkey legs, baked mince and shepherd’s pies, and savory tarts. Pour ale and wine into grapevine etched wine goblet to make drinking a merrier part of the party while the pretty princesses sip fruity punch mixed with club soda and topped with cherries.

image009image007Games and Activities: Little boys are more inclined to enjoy a medieval party with lots of dragons. Turn them into young squires by providing ornate bronze sword and bronze warrior shield to match the Knight Crusader costume, the perfect outfit to play the “Catch the Dragon’s Tail” game where two teams compete. The players are holding the waist of the child in front. The first child in the line serves as the dragon’s head, while the last child with a long dangling bandanna behind him is the tail. Each team tries to grab the other team’s dragon tail. The first one to catch the tail is declared the winner.

Since the Medieval and Victorian costumes of princesses are not supposed to be stained, plan some cheap craft activities for the girls. Have the damsels make their own jewelry sets using plastic beads. Supply the girls with craft kits to keep them busy in creating their own handmade favors.

These are just some of the imaginative ideas to use when you host a medieval party and transform it into a Renaissance fair. If you can’t be at the Activity Bases of ScoutHike this year, you know you’re sharing in the fun by having “All Things Medieval” in your party at home.

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