History Of Halloween Costumes & Ideas For Fancy Dress

Scary costumes to celebrate Halloween has been embraced all over the world and once again this has been derived from the Ancient Celts and embroidered by generations to what is now known today. People even use Halloween concepts to have Scary parties or parties held on Black Friday the 13th.

The Ancient Celts priests called Druids, dressed up in animal skins and would wear the heads of dead animals on the eve of 31st October, and they did so in the belief that the ghosts or spirits would feel more comfortable returning to earth and participate in festivities and celebrations with living people, if the people on earth were dressed in dead animal skins and adorned with heads of dead animals.

This practice of “dressing up” in what we would today call fancy dress costumes for Halloween, was considered to be a big part of the Halloween festival and that has followed through to modern day celebrations of Halloween.

Today we dress up in costumes such of that of Ghosts, devils, monsters, witches and the Grim reaper, and carry scary swords, devils forks or sticks with gruesome faces much as the Ancient Celts. Over the centuries the fancy dress of Halloween has grown to include adults and children, but with a total sense of having fun and the scarier the better. Let your imagination run riot for Halloween and join the millions of people the world over who treat this day now as a celebration, albeit a scary one.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your Halloween costume, if you were black and just add a cape, a scary mask, a witch’s hat or wizard hat, or dress in red and wear devil horns and carry a devil’s trident, or paint your face with face paint in black white and red, you will still be in the theme and have a blast. The alternatives are endless. Browse through our hundreds of Fancy Dress Halloween items for Halloween costumes, Halloween decorations and accessories, Halloween makeup and face paint, let your imagination go wild and have a blast of a Halloween.

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