Today’s Trick Or Treating For Halloween & How It Started

Children love to go trick or treating at Halloween and become very excited about the prospect of being able to receive sweeties from friends and people in their neighbourhood. The tradition of trick or treating for Halloween today, is derived from the Ancients Celts leaving food and treats out for the Spirits or Ghosts of their dead relatives, to encourage them to revisit earth. By leaving out food or treats the Ancient Celts felt that they were making the Ghosts of their dead relatives over the centuries happy when they arrived on earth and their belief system was that if treats were not left then the Ghost of past generations would be angry and may hurt them, or as we now term play “tricks” on people.

Modern children of today are made very happy by receiving sweeties or treats during Halloween when they door knock at the homes in their neighbourhood and often receive sweeties from friends and relatives, the same as the ancients ghosts were made happy by the Ancient Celts by leaving out treats.

Alternatively they are supposed to play a trick if goodies are not forthcoming, the same as the spirits of the Ancients they believed would play tricks, and that has now become the tradition Trick or Treating customs of today.

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