Host An Afternoon Party for Australian Open 2018

The new year is underway and along with it is the anticipation for the first of the four Grand Slam tennis events, the Australian Open. You don’t have to be in Melbourne Park and witness the games live to enjoy Australia’s most prominent tennis competition. With these ideas, you can recreate the action right through your home.


Watching your favourite athletes won’t be that fun if you’re doing it alone, so make sure you invite a few friends over. You can always simply give them a text or a call, but if you want to let them know that it’s an actual party, it will make sense to send an invitation. Make one that’s shaped like a tennis racket, adding the details on the top half of the card. Alternatively, you can cut a tennis ball in two and place your invitation inside before sealing the ball back together. In your message, ask your guests to come dressed in tennis attire. The more vintage and the funkier, the better!

yellow-sweatband_set_1Venue & Decors

Placing cheap tennis accessories strategically around the venue should be enough for everyone to feel the Australian Open vibe. Whether it’s inside the house or in the garden, the key is to have a corner where everyone can sit down and view the action playing on the screen. It would also be fun if you could turn your party table into a miniature lawn tennis court. You can achieve this with fake grass table runner or a tablecloth with a tennis court design. You can even place tennis balls inside bowls or vases and use them as centrepieces. Meanwhile, tennis rackets can be mounted on walls for your finishing touches.

Food & Beverage

Green and yellow coloured food should be your food of choice for the party. Macaroni and cheese, green peppers, broccoli, asparagus, all of these should work well. Don’t forget to choose utensils of the same shade, too, and make sure you fill up the cups with drinks that fit the colour them, as well. Of course, there’s always an exception to the rule, so you can add things like strawberries and cream, which is a must-have for any tennis-themed party. Chocolate balls are also a showstopper, and if you want to take it a level higher, you can serve dessert inside tennis balls that have been cut in half. And, if somebody’s celebrating his or her birthday, a tennis-themed cake should complete the menu.

NL1913NGParty Games

The party would be a hit if you have a tennis court at home, but if you don’t, you can still work out on some games in your garden. Badminton, for instance, is a good alternative and is something that’s easy to play both by adults and children. Swingball or Totem Tennis would also be fun, and just like badminton, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to set up and can be played by anyone in the party. If you something more exciting, try dodgeball instead. Or, how about table tennis? Of course, don’t forget to give the winners medals and the overall champion a mini trophy!

There are other ways for you to to make your Australian Open-themed party a world-beater, but these winning ideas should be enough to ensure great entertainment for your friends and family!

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