How to Host the Best Baby Reveal Party

Nowadays, revealing the gender of an unborn child has become enough reason to gather and celebrate. In the past, people are used to receiving the good news right after the ultrasound schedule with their obstetrician. But as things change and new fun ideas becomes available online, a baby reveal party has become an acceptable celebration for society.

Here are some great ideas to make your baby reveal party an entertaining and memorable one of the whole family.

Baby reveal 2

Create a theme for the celebration.

It is advisable to stick with the simple blue and pink theme for your party since this would be the main idea of your celebration after all- to reveal whether you are having a baby girl or a baby boy. You can also try to create a unique idea for the general flow of the party. The important thing is to create a balance between the masculine and the feminine design of your party decors for an exciting and clueless gender reveal.

Collaborate with your obstetrician and your party planner.

Baby reveal 1

It would be ideal to make your gender reveal party a surprise for you and the rest of the guests. You can ask your doctor to provide the information about the gender of your baby specifically and only to your party planner to make everything exciting during the baby gender reveal party. Your party planner will be able to think of a creative idea to reveal the child’s gender to you and your guests.

Proceed with the actual baby reveal.

Baby Reveal 3

There are many ways on how to reveal the gender of your child during your baby reveal party. The most common party idea is by slicing a cake. As you slice the cake, the inside of the cake will indicate whether the child is a boy or is a girl. If the inside is blue, then it’s a baby boy for the couple. Pink meanwhile represents a baby girl. Some also used a box filled with balloons to reveal the gender of the child. Again, pink balloons will represent a baby girl while blue ones are for boys. Another great idea would be opening a gift for the unborn baby. An unwrapped gift containing a robot indicates that the baby to be conceived is a boy or if the gift contains a doll then it means that the child is a girl.

Document memories of the event.

As much as possible, get pictures or videos of the actual gender reveal of the baby. If the budget allows, hire a professional photographer or videographer to document the event so that you and the rest of the guests can enjoy without worrying about documenting memories of the event. Same day videos are also a common thing for celebrations right now so remember to ask for something like this from your videographer.


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