Baby Shower Gifts: What do Moms Need Best for Their Newborn?


Having a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. To welcome your baby in style, or to simply celebrate their arrival in your lives, throwing a baby shower seems to be the best idea. You can count on getting a lot of baby gifts that can help you start as new parents — and most especially you — get to share this wonderful experience and gift to the people that you care about.

However, baby shower gifts can sometimes be expensive or you may end up getting the same kind of gift from your friends and families. To avoid this and to make the most out of what you would want to have for your baby, you might want to prepare a baby shower registry. This gives your friends and families the opportunity to pick a nice gift for you and your coming baby.

Here are some baby shower gift ideas you might want to include in your gift-registry.

Gifts from the heart 

breastfeedThis can be items like handmade blankets or crocheted baby shoes and accessories. You’ll get to appreciate this kind of gifts even more knowing that effort and labour of love has been put into it. A basket memorabilia of toys or dresses that you have as a kid which your parents might have kept would make you realise how much they have loved you. You’ll get enough motivation and inspiration to do the same thing to your upcoming child.

Gift certificates or cash

Sometimes, it can be really confusing to pick an item for a baby especially if you and your guest have no idea on what the gender of the child will be. Gift certificates and cash items can allow you to purchase what you need such as diapers, wipes, and other baby items. Cash gifts can be added up to your hospitalisation funds upon giving birth or can be saved for your child’s needs in the future.

Lactating and maternal care products 

Giving birth is a painful and sometimes traumatic experience. To help mommies recover fast while tending to her newborn, giving items that can make life easier for a new mom will be much appreciated. Milk bags that can be used to store milk from mommies who need to return to work are very handy and useful gift ideas. Gift certificates to a massage or a pedicure session would also make life as new parents less stressful. Exercise machines or a gift certificate to a gym membership can also help motivate new moms to get back in shape while enjoying motherhood.


Surprisingly, diapers are very practical gifts that any parent would love to receive for their baby. Cloth diapers would be a great addition to a newborn’s starter pack. Having enough diapers and wipes for a baby months after conception would be a great treat for the child’s parents.

Baby Bags

Every parent needs a baby bag where they can fit everything! Stash diapers, milk, clothing items, a few beddings and blankets, and anything a child may need while enjoying the outdoors.

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