Hot Baby Shower/Baby Reveal Trends to Look Out for this Season

bannerBaby shower and baby reveal parties are a great deal these days. And for a good reason: they offer an excellent opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. Wonder what to include in your baby shower, or baby reveal gift registry? Looking for a great online party supplier? If so, you have come to the right place.

Herein, I will walk you through hot baby shower/baby reveal trends you might want to check out this season. With these popular trends, you don’t have to worry about how to throw a fabulous baby reveal party.

Pastel theme

When has pastel theme ever been out of fashion? Try baby pink, baby blue, or baby yellow – the whole thing falls right in place like a charm. Although 2017 versions of pastel theme have been spruced up a bit, you can add a few own ideas of baby shower/reveal banners and voila, you’ve a sassy baby reveal party. bowtie cupcake

Tea Party Theme

Many A-lister celebrities like Angelina Jolie are digging the outdoor tea party theme. Choose a natural setting that accentuates the sunny day. Round up your friends and family for a baby reveal party they’ll talk about for years. The trick is to emphasise your colour scheme of choice with an assortment of flowers, latex/foil balloons, ribbons, tableware, centrepieces, and so on.

Letter Megaloon Balloons

Balloons can transform any baby shower/reveal from a drab to a fab in no time. They can easily replace those eyesore DIY banners. question

Custom Chalkboard

Add a flair of retro to your baby reveal party by setting up a vintage framed chalkboard with a charming message. With its old-timey feel and look, the chalkboard sign can find a perfect spot on the wall or could be placed on the gift table surrounded by baby shower balloons.

Corny-Labelled Popcorn Bags

If the mother to be is close to the D-day, it’s pun-tastic to try these “ready to pop” popcorn bags to make light of the moment. A few celebrities have gone down this road, and I must say, baby shower gamethey weren’t disappointed. The trick is to add few of your ideas; perhaps, a set of baby shower games.

Funny Invitations

For a few months, the diaper invitations have taken the world of baby shower/baby reveal parties by storm. You can also buy other craft cards to invite family, friends, and close colleagues.

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