5 Hippie-Style Party Ideas to Try

61935-birthday-selfie-propsThe 60s was truly a fantastic time to be alive. So why not throw a 60s retro themed (hippie) party? Be it an adult’s, teen’s, or kid’s birthday or any other affair, the hippie theme is always dead right on the spot. After all, the person of interest might have been in his or her prime during the heydeys of 1960s.

With that said, let’s look at top 5 ideas poised to make your hippie themed party the talk of the town. Well, if you are looking for funky retro ways to bring fun to your corporate party, we got you covered as well!

#1. Hippie Tye & Dye  Foil and Latex Balloons

balloonYou will certainly love decorating with an array of latex and foil balloons. These groovy balloons that feature “make love not war,” flowers, peace and love symbols will be the highlight of the party. Besides, latex and foil balloons are safe for kids. Feel free to add retro letter and number megaloons and balloons. They are perfect for a hippie themed birthday party.

#2. Splash of Tye & Dye Colours and Decorations

Dress up the party room and tables in tye dye colours. After all, it is a retro 1960s party. Use, for instance, tie dye coloured table cloths, woodstock party napkins, party plates, centrepieces, cakes, party banners, party giveaways and so forth. Your guests will certainly love hippie tableware decorated in flamboyant and awesome groovy psychedelic tye dye theme. How do mini me cut outs sound?

hippe costume#3. Hippie Outfit/Costumes

You can dig up your parents’ closet for a few 60s or 70s outfits. Better yet, you can select a hippie or groovy costume from a bespoke online supplier of party items. With a little cash and a gorgeous flower Woodstock dress, you can complete the retro look with accessories such as a peace sign necklace, and a set of shiny earrings. Don’t forget to distribute some Lennon-style coloured eye glasses to other party-goers.

#4. Lava Lamps

Lava lamps were the darling of parties in the hippie era. If you can garner a few, be sure to position them at several corners of the party room to set the retro mood. Who knows – you might catch you grandpa dancing nostalgically under their groovy lighting!

#5. Hippie Music

No hippie themed party can be complete without some 1960s music. “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye is perhaps the most notable.                                                

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