Themed Christening Party Decorations Do’s and Don’ts

baby-keepsake-bookA baby’s christening party is a fabulous opportunity to celebrate and cherish with your friends and family. Don’t get carried away: after all, it’s a special day for your bundle of joy. If you are looking to throw a fabulous themed christening party, here are decoration do’s and don’ts to get you started.

Do Send Out Elegant Invitations

Invitations are a great way to set the tone for the themed christening party right from the outset. Fancy invitations don’t have to cost oodles of money. You can even make DIY cards. But if you are looking to take it to a whole new and exciting level, you may want to order custom photo christening invitations that have the image of your little one as the hallmark. The good thing is that they can double up as keepsakes for the guests. happy_christening

Don’t Rule Out a Religious Theme

Gone are the days when only gold and white decorations were christening themed party staple. If you are going for a religious tone, you could choose baby lambs, Noah’s Ark, the Resurrection, Christ the King, and so forth. Always feel free to festoon your house or party venue with all sorts of colours and designs that fit your religious theme of your choice.

Do Decorate with Balloons

Balloons are a party essential – and will add more decorative essence to your Christening themed party. Love-Rose-Gold-Foil-BalloonFor starters, you can spell out “Welcome to XXX’s Christening Party” using the giant number and letter balloons. Air filled foil balloons will do the trick because they are airtight and tend to hold their shapes for longer periods.

Don’t Skip Table Scatters

Pastel baby table scatters have gained an eye in most christening parties, thanks to their decorative aspect. You can get tonnes of these fabulous table decor online at affordable prices.

Do Honour Godparentsscattersbaby

Godparents are a crucial part of a Christening themed party. Of course, they’ll be responsible for your little angel over the years. Acknowledge them via decorations, including invitations, balloons, banners, and so on. You can also present them with keepsakes.

Don’t Ignore the Kids

There’ll definitely be lots of kids attending the christening celebration. It’s your job to see to it that they are entertained and well taken cared off. When doing your decoration, give kids something to get engrossed in. Perhaps you can consider buying Bomboniere, colouring books, interesting christening banners, DVDs, and so forth.

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